Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Tuesday, 08.07.2014

I was so craving for Claypot Sesame Oil Chicken, I had 02 x portions for dinner yesterday! Gluttony... =)

I felt really tired and woke up later than usual today. Sometimes, I wished I could just leave everything behind, fly out of Singapore and not bring any phones or gadgets with me. Just a few books and some clothes to a country with good beaches, good massages, good spicy food. Sounds like Thailand. Ha ha...

Breakfast for today was Egg Mayo Sandwich & also, Ham & Cheese Sandwich. They were half sized each so together, they make 01 x sandwich. I also took a cup of Green Apple & Celery Juice. No sugar, just honey.
Lunch will be Salmon Sandwich. Today seems like a sandwich day... =(
I don't even know what dinner will be...

I need to start doing some Hari Raya cards after work today. A total of 42 x cards are needed and I've only a week max. to get them done!

I'm really excited to know that my order from PPP finally got shipped out! 2 weeks counting down... I believe my order from SSS will come later this week, if not early next week. So excited... Yes, my life is all about God and crafting. =)

My 40 Day 2014 books are more or less gone. I'm now left with 02 x copies which I believe will most probably be gone by next week. *feeling productive*

Okie, that's about all for me today. Nothing special, nothing extraordinary.
Have a great Tuesday!

Dreamy C

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