Friday 11 July 2014

Friday, 11.07.2014

It's a Frrriiiiddddaaayyyyy peeps!!! So happy the week is drawing a close soon!

J ordered an English drama show - House of Cards as he's a big fan of Kevin Spacey. Season 2 arrived last night and we watched the 1st episode last night with an Almond Magnum Ice Cream each. Yummy... House of Cards is generally a really good show. Kevin Spacey ever did come to Singapore to do a play at Esplanade and both of us caught that as well. Frankly speaking, he's a brilliant actor.

Today's going to be just like any other weekday except that the kiddos will be around this evening, just like any other Friday evenings. I'll have to complete the rest of the Hari Raya cards. Hopefully, I'll get them done tonight. I'm half-way there...

No breakfast. No time for it.
Lunch was rice with assam fish & veggie.
I bought a cup of red apple & yakult juice later in the afternoon.
Dinner will be fried bee hoon.

I'm listening to Cher Lloyd as I'm typing this entry out and I must say I'm falling in love with it. A good mix of fast and slow songs. The name of the album is Sorry I'm Late. Ha ha... What a name!

I realised I've too many photos for PL. Hence, I'm going to be spending some time on PL tonight. Hopefully, there will be time for it. I've to get up real early tomorrow as I plan to go for a morning Prayer Meeting. =)

Well, Friday is more or less gone. I'm going home now and I wish you a blessed and fantastic weekend!

Dreamy C

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