Monday, 28 July 2014

A Card, A Lunch Out, A Purchase & Other Things...

Blessed Monday! It's a public holiday here in Singapore. Whoo hoo! I LOVE public holidays! =)
Warning: This will be a longer post than usual. Be prepared!

I went for my DFG class yesterday and I thank God that I stood firm and headed for the class even though a lady suddenly said she's not turning up. Initially, it's the 3 of us as the others were either overseas or have other obligations. When the lady suddenly said something cropped up, there's only the 2 of us. Anyone could have felt down, not motivated and cancelled the entire thing. I'm glad both my leader and myself stood firm & went ahead nonetheless. It turned out really well! =)

Before class, J & I went to Itacho Sushi @ Orchard Ion. It was my first time at Itacho. =)

Scallop & Lobster Sushi
This was really nice... I love it!

Green Tea Noodles
I'm glad to know that the dip doesn't just contain spring onion but also some radish and wakame seaweed.

Ikura Sushi
This was lovely as well! Love, love, love salmon roe!

Veggie Tempura to go along with my Green Tea Noodles
Nice, not oily. Thumbs up!

Fatty Salmon
This is actually 2 portions. J had 3 portions and 2 for me. ^^

Chicken Teriyaki for J
He is pretty predictable when it comes to food. >.<

I went to see Horlick on Saturday and he's at his usual fat!

Nonetheless, cuteness to the max =)

My dinner for Sunday
We are into IBS food. IBS is Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

1 of my creations for the church!

I did my BSF homework this morning. I haven't been the most diligent these days... Heck! I haven't even been doing my 40 Days devotion for more than a week now! =(

I finally bought a little gadget to hold my mobile while I do recording on my cards. It cost close to 13 bucks. I wouldn't say it's the best gadget but it'll do for now...

J & I went to ABC today for brunch.

The croissants are for him and the pain au chocolat is for me.
As usual, nice!

My favourite dessert - Paris Brest.
Generous filling of hazelnut cream with a couple of hazelnuts and almond pieces on crispy pastry. Yumz!

Bacon & Leek Quiche
I finally found a quiche I enjoy very much. So much, I bought 2 of the same thing!
I've also always enjoyed the balsamic dressing from ABC. It's thicker than the ones served elsewhere.
I snapped a photo of the bottle and will be making my way to get one myself! =)

Long Black for him and Osmanthus Sencha for me.
I've never been a fan of coffee. =)

We went to Paper Market as I wanted to get something. It turned out that it's not available and I ended up buying 3 x paper pads. Take a look!

I passed by a shop and couldn't resist getting something for Chub Chub. The bunny is calling out to me! Ha ha...

Isn't he just the cutest thing?!
He's made of cotton and he's 1 weird bunny.
1st, he's w/o eyes.
2nd, he's w/o his bob!

I hope your Monday went well... That's about all for me over the weekend and Monday. I've BSF lesson later today even though it's a public holiday today. Not that I'm complaining... In fact, I welcome it!

Dreamy C

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