Friday, 28 March 2014

My Love, My Precious

I felt really strongly for my niece today and decided to write to her, only that this is for my viewing. I just thought of sharing with you guys. I do apologise but I had to replace some names with XXX. =) Enjoy!

A baby, created by God, presented to the world healthy & happy. God is good. All things which He creates are good. It is often through the journey of growing up that men rebel against God & are no longer good in the eyes of God. Hence, we need to reconcile with God, go back to Him & obey Him. This has to be done so we can be with Him for eternity.

Ms. Chubby, created by God, given birth by XXX, loved by many. Growing up healthy & strong, always smiling & laughing even in times of agony & suffering. I hope she stays this way, always positive. She’s in my prayers most of the nights & my love goes to her. Like her mother, I will be there to protect her, guide her & love her. Unlike her mother, I cannot spend all my time with her but my thoughts will always be with her. My thoughts will always be around her.

I pray she grows up knowing God, desire & thirst for God & love God.

I pray she grows up obeying her parents & all who loves her.

I pray she grows up well-mannered & is respectful, humble, courageous, patient, meek, caring towards the people around her in her work, her home & strangers.
I pray strangers will be touched by her love for God & in turn, desire to know more about God.

I pray she grows up well & do things which pleases The Lord, making her parents & the people who loves her proud of her.

I pray she contributes to the community, love & care for the poor, abused & needy human & creations of God.

I pray that she’ll turn to God when tempted.

I pray that she’s positive, brings joy to the people around her & for people to love her more than the love she has to offer.

I pray she listens to God & obey God.

This baby, growing up quickly to a girl, a lady, a woman.

This baby named XXX, XXX, Ms. Chubby.
This baby who is my love, my precious.
My thoughts & prayers will ALWAYS be with this baby, my precious.


Do you also write to your child, nephew, niece etc.?

Have a great Friday Y'all...

Dreamy C

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