Friday, 28 March 2014

Thursday, 27.03.2014

It was a busy day for me yesterday. I was out for slightly more than half of the day. During lunch time, I did make a trip down to Mapletree House to collect the items which I paid and not collected. I also purchased a few other items when I was there. Video HERE

My lunch was really late, say around 4 plus in the afternoon. Lunch was Sambal Okra with Chicken & Bean Curd with Rice. It was so delicious I asked S to give me the same for dinner.

As for today, breakfast was 2 x soft boiled eggs & 1 x slice of baguette with butter and sugar. Toasted bread with butter and sugar = yum!

Lunch will be Lotus Root Soup with Rice.
I believe dinner will be the same. Usually, S will cook 2 x portions of soup for me. 1 x portion is just too little to begin cooking.

I woke up earlier this morning to do my BSF homework and I felt good. Surprisingly, I felt alert despite waking up 1.5 hrs in advance. I believe I'm going to do this again for the next couple of days. I felt closer to God when I do this in the morning. =)

The Mapletree House haul was done on Wednesday.
I did do another haul earlier this week, Monday in fact. Video HERE.

Dreamy C

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