Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Tuesday, 11.03.2014

It was really great attending BSF for the 1st time. I got to know other perspectives from answers given by the girls in my group. It was really enlightening. I also got to know more answers from the lecture after the discussion within our group. BSF really brings me closer to God & allows me better understanding of Him. =) I'm enjoying myself thoroughly. Who knew learning about Him could be so rewarding & joyful? Ha ha... I'm glad I got to experience that. =) This motivates me to do my homework diligently & spending time with The Lord. There's no class for next week due to school holidays. This week will be a good time to carry on with my in depth study & understanding of The Lord. =)

Today's breakfast: 3 x pcs of Double Choc Chip Cookies, 1 x slice of peanut butter bread & 2 x cups of Earl Grey Lavender Tea.

Lunch will be Watercress Soup with Rice. As usual, I'll post a photo on Instagram. My ID is dreamyc_81 if you don't already know. =)

I was dreading work yesterday. I was looking forward to knocking off so I could go for my dinner & BSF class. I went to the same place as I did last Monday. This time round, I had Claypot Sambal Kang Kong & Claypot Sesame Oil Chicken. All these with a bowl of rice & a can of Pokka Green Tea.

The Kang Kong was nothing fantastic. I just wish there were less oil & the mince meat doesn't make any difference in my opinion. It wasn't impactful. It would be fine without the mince meat.

The Sesame Oil Chicken was the best I've ever tasted! The gravy was nice & not overly salty. It goes really well with rice. I could finish 2 bowls of rice had there been more gravy. It's THAT good. The chicken meat was boneless & really tender. Delicious!

Well, that's about all I'm sharing today.
Have a fabulous Tuesday Y'all!!

Dreamy C

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