Friday, 14 March 2014

Friday, 14.03.2014

Whether I'm looking forward to the weekend greatly depends on what my programs are for the weekend. This week, I'm not as excited. Just pretty lukewarm. I want to go see Ms. Chubby!!!
I can't wait for her to be able to walk so I can bring her to nice places for food, pastries, candies etc. and I can bring her shopping. I can also bring her for kiddy movies. I can bring her to so many places!
I can't wait for her to learn how to talk so I can call her often and find out how her day was, whether any interesting things happened, what she has been doing etc.
I can't wait to tell her more about God, get her a Bible (kid's version), bring her for Sunday classes etc.
Her birthday falls on November. Maybe I'll get her a gold chain or a gold pendant or a gold bangle or an Ang Bao for her birthday? Oh! I'll also make her a lovely birthday card! =)
I believe my whole head is filled with Ms. Chubby. =)

My meals didn't go as plan yesterday. I only had my lunch at 3 plus in the afternoon. Dinner was supposed to be Avocado & Egg Salad but I ditched that. Instead, I had 2 x portions of Cherry Yogurt. There's this brand I like. I'll post a photo of it on Instagram (dreamyc_81) when I get home today provided they don't get eaten up by Mr. Firstborn.

I got another order from Etsy (dreamyc81) for which I'm very grateful. =)

Today's breakfast was 2 x scones which I baked myself and a cup of Chrysanthemum Tea.
Lunch would be Black Pepper Beef with Capsicum & Rice.

Nice... Ms. S made the black pepper sauce herself.
I'll ask her to put a variety of colors for capsicum next time so it's more colorful. Other than that, it taste really yummy!

Dinner would be Fried Rice.

Writing down stuff on my Filo this week just brings a smile to my face. Take a look!

So Pinky... Me Love... =)

As you know, I had Sambal Goreng & Beef Rendang for my lunch yesterday.

Taste really yummy... I like it that Ms. S replaced long beans with Okra.

Ms. S helped to blend this mixture to get Pandan extract!
I'm going to bake Pandan Chiffon Cake and bring it for my DG class this Sunday!

I wasn't pleased with how the birthday card turned out for Ms. A.
Hence, I tried making another. This is the image.
Lovely fairy. I colored this with copic markers.
I'm very pleased with how it turned out.
Will post a photo of the completed card on Instagram!

I need to start doing my BSF work tonight after my Korean show. I've pushed it aside for far too many days & I need to get cracking!

I'm thinking of bringing the kids for breakfast at McDonald's tomorrow morning. We'll see how it goes... I've a dental appointment tomorrow at Wheelock and it would be nice to have breakfast & brush up before heading down to the dentist.

Well, that's about all for today. I hope you have a fantastic Friday!!!

Dreamy C

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