Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Tuesday, 01.04.2014

For slightly more than a week, I’ve stopped doing meal planning. I find it such a chore to think of what I would like to have for the coming week. In the end, I’ve decided to let S do the job. She decides what I have for lunch every weekday. If you would like to know what I’ve been having, go check out my Instagram!

Doing my BSF h/w for last week has been really a joy to me. Digging into God's Word gives me joy. BSF is really good as it enables you to really study on the Word of God. I'm going to try my best and sign up for it every year.

I would like to talk more about God today. It’s going to be a long post & if you can’t tolerate it, move on to other stuff then. =)

For me, I really need my surrounding to be quiet when I study on the Word of God. As such, I cannot do any studying on Friday nights & Saturdays as the kiddos are around and 3 boys really can be a chore. Ha ha… I realized that when I dig deeper into the Word of God, He gives me questions.

For last week, it’s a question on temptation. The leader of my DFG (Disciple Fellowship Group) said that God doesn’t tempt but He allows it. I couldn’t put my head around it. If He allows it, doesn’t it make Him part of the ‘scheme’? My fellow mates started explaining & I still couldn’t understand. My mind has been blocked. I did a short prayer in my mind then. I asked for God to clear my mind & show me the answer. That night, when I was trying to complete my BSF h/w, I got my answer when I was digging into the Word of God. I had skipped question 6 previously & moved on to other questions. That night, I went back to question 6 to complete it & there, I got my answer. I must admit, I didn’t expect God to reply to me that quickly. He works in ways I cannot understand & often than not, He is ALWAYS right. =) I’m really happy to have this God in my life.

In the past, I know He heals but somehow, I didn’t quite ponder over it. I’m like – Okie God heals. Let’s move on now… I attend the 9 a.m. congregation & for no reason, I went to the 11.15 a.m. service one particular Sunday. That session, they had a pastor from Vietnam who goes around doing healing work. He’s supposed to have left Singapore but somehow, he extended his stay. While he was talking, he asked for people who needs healing to go up to him & then, we pray together for the person. I watched all these people going up without thinking about myself needing healing as well. (I’ve had an injury on the toe of my right leg for the longest time & I didn’t attend to it at all. Hence, it looked a bit strange with the ‘normal’ toe on my left leg. It would hurt whenever I walk in my 4 inch heels but I didn’t really care.) During that Sunday session, I was wearing my 4 inch heels. While all the requests & prayers were going on, I wriggled my toe. I don’t even know why I did that. And you know what? There’s no pain at all! I couldn’t believe it. So I took off my heels & started rubbing my toe. No feeling of pain. I STILL couldn’t believe it. I started pressing hard on it, I did all ways to ‘hurt’ the toe. There’s no feeling of pain. Instantly, I believe with all my heart that God heals. Hallelujah! God IS good to me, an insignificant being on earth! To Him, no matter how wretched or bad, I am special. =) I didn’t ask to be healed but He gives anyway… Amazing God!

Why do I bring up the healing session? Well, another thing which I didn’t believe passionately is the Power of Praying. This week, I believe God is trying to prove to me wrong again. Even up till BSF class yesterday, I still couldn’t bring myself to be immersed with the fact that prayer is powerful. God reminded me of what He did just an hour ago. I’ve been praying for a loved one to get back to God, to be closer to Him once again. For months, I don’t see any changes. I gave up. I actually told God that I’m giving up & I asked for Him to take over & do His work. I did share with my mates in DFG & they did pray. Recently, there are some changes & God reminded me of it just an hour ago. That’s when I go – Oh Ya! That is what has happened! Ha ha…

God works in mysterious ways, ways a mortal being would not understand some times. My DFG leader bought each of us a book – The Power of a Praying Woman. In the book, she wrote a message. All these were done before the class on Sunday. We met up & I raised the question on temptation & the message she wrote in the book was about temptation! Also, there’s a total of 5 of us & she only presented the book to 3 of us as she has yet to complete her writing for 2 remaining books & I was 1 of the 3 persons who got the book on Sunday. See how God works!

This week, my issue is with praying & the book from my leader couldn't come at a better timing. Again, the work of God! Sometimes, you just cannot explain. You just have to believe. =)

I feel really great & I’m going to try my best to maintain this feeling. To maintain it, I have to make sure I walk close to God & be more like Jesus. =)

I hope you are touched & as a result, start pondering over your next step, believer or pre-believer.

Have a blessed Tuesday!!!

Dreamy C

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