Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Tuesday, 25.03.2014

My apologies for not updating promptly. It has been hectic but fulfilling for me the past few days. Let's see...

Thursday, 20th March 2014
We had the kiddos over as it was the school holidays. We had plans to bring them to the Botanical Garden in the morning. At the very last minute, I couldn't join them due to work. In the afternoon, J took a nap & I worked through the day as I brought my laptop back in the afternoon. 
It was a crazy day and I only managed some time for myself after dinner.

Friday, 21st March 2014
To the pool we go! Kiddos had lots of fun at the pool. We later lunch there as well.
I saw a group of females working out on a stationary bike in the pool. It seemed like a good workout and I desire to do that one day, when I don't have to work on a weekday and I simply spend that weekday working out and having a relaxing lunch thereafter. Yes, somewhere in my system, I too would like to workout and be fit. Ha ha...

Saturday, 22nd March 2014
We brought the kiddos to Vivocity for brunch at ABC. Again, another round of lovely time spent together with good food and beverage. The kiddos enjoyed themselves tremendously. Thereafter, we went to catch a movie - Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Entertaining movie for little children I must say. =) 
After the movie, we went to Botanical Garden again and walked to Tanglin Mall where we got Walnut Oil (much needed for the bread I was going to bake the next day) and Arnica. It was a really long walk. I enjoyed myself though the kiddos were complaining. 
We went home after that. After sending the kiddos back to their maternal home, I baked a loaf of Walnut & Raisin Bread. It turned out well and I took 6 slices to offer to the girls in my discipleship class the next day.

Sunday, 23rd March 2014
I went for church service at 11.15 a.m. The service I usually go was 9 a.m. My discipleship class starts around 2 - 2.30 p.m. so if I go for the 9 a.m. service when I've class in the afternoon, I'll have a 3-hr gap in between. Hence, if I do have class that day, I'll go for the 11.15 a.m. service. 
It just occurred to me today that I've ushering duties on Sunday. I've since written an email to my leader, apologizing. I really need to be more organised. I was so busy, I didn't even look at my Filo!
I managed to buy a music album by Carpenters. Lovely music.
After class, I went to Far East Flora to buy some bitter gourd and cucumber seeds.
S & I have plans to remove the current crawling plant at home and replace it with bitter gourd. S also started growing some pineapple as per my request. It'll take years for it to grow I believe. =( 
After dinner that day, I baked another loaf of Plain Wholemeal Bread & 2 loaves of French Baguette. I'm really glad J liked both breads. The baguette turned out well on the 1st try! I'm very happy...

Monday, 24th March 2014
I had 3 x slices of Walnut & Raisin bread for breakfast and that finished my loaf of bread. 
My lunch was Chicken Stew with Rice. A photo of it was posted on my Instagram.
I had dinner at NEX as I've BSF class. 
Dinner was at Chicken Pot where a photo was posted on my Instagram as well. It wasn't what I expected, far from it in fact. I'll not step in anymore. I'd rather walk 10 minutes from Serangoon MRT and enjoy a pot of Sesame Oil Chicken which is so tender I could cry in happiness. I've blogged about it in February/March 2014. 
I went to BSF and this time, I don't feel as hyped up. The fault lies entirely on yours truly. I had insufficient time and rushed through my homework. I also didn't pray before doing my homework. I also didn't complete my homework. I guess, it's really what I deserve for not putting in effort. =( Feeling guilty and persevere to work better the next class! 

Well, that's how the past few days went for me.
Breakfast today was 2 slices of plain wholemeal bread (which I baked myself) with a few slices of salami and a slice of Edam cheese. It was lovely...
Lunch for today will be Bitter Gourd soup with Rice. 
As for dinner, I'm meeting up with my dear cousin today so no idea on what's for dinner yet. Will post a photo on Instagram though... Might blogged about it. =)

Have a great Tuesday Y'all!!! Oh, I'm so behind Project Life... gotta start sometime. 

Dreamy C

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