Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wednesday, 19.03.2014

It was a busy day for me yesterday. I spent 3/4 of my working day at the depot. 1/2 of it was spent on travelling and the other 1/2 was spent on lunching and the customer. Well, I got nothing out of all the time spent. Zilch! No firm deals! Not even close to confirmation. In fact, no further considerations. Well, there's always another opportunity!

I didn't bring my lunch to the office yesterday.
For Breakfast, I had a big slice of Pound Cake.
Lunch is a bowl of Tom Yum Mee Hoon Kuey & a cup of Lime Juice.
Dinner was Chinese ABC Soup with Rice.

This morning, I had a big slice of Pound Cake & a glass of Peppermint Tea for breakfast.
Lunch will be Chinese ABC Soup with Rice.
Dinner is Guiness Beef Stew with Mash Potatoes and perhaps some Steam Veggie.

Come this Sunday morning, I intend to bake Walnut & Raisin Bread. Frankly speaking, I can't go on baking cakes and cookies all the time as there's lots of sugar and butter involved. Baking these and consuming them would put a setback on my health. Hence, I've decided to venture into baking bread. Now and then, I'll squeeze in a cake or two. =)

I just bought a Ono Lisa music disc. I don't know the name of the album. It's white in color with a few flowers, no image of Lisa herself. It's really tough getting her albums. I went to That CD Shop a couple of weeks back and they don't have any of her albums. The same for HMV. I was so disappointed and only yesterday, I managed to buy this album from CD-Rama at Popular Jurong Point. Well, the album which I would like to get is another one which is many years back. I believe it was out in Year 2008 - Ono Lisa Best 2002 - 2006. I guess I might just buy it over Ebay or Amazon. We'll see...

I wish you the most pleasant Wednesday!

Dreamy C

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