Monday, 24 December 2012

Sunday - 23.12.2012

Jack Reacher. Tom Cruise was one of the main characters. The beginning is pretty boring. I wished there were more actions, explosions, excitement, suspense etc.
If J hadn't asked to go catch it, I wouldn't have done so. I would rather watch The Werewolf Boy as it has some good reviews. I might just go catch that on Saturday, provided it's still available in the cinema.
I went to Sephora after the movie. I had wanted to get some eye liner from Urban Decay. Their 24/7 eye liners have received many good reviews. I tested it on my hand and it is indeed very creamy. Felt good on my hand meant that it should feel good on my lids. However, I'm looking for a eye liner which is good for tightlining. Hence, I'm not sure if a creamy one is good for that. I was introduced to the one by Smashbox by the SA but still, I wasn't as convinced and I left the store empty handed.
Let me google and see what I can get.
Dreamy C

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