Saturday, 1 December 2012

Just Because We Can Be A Bitch @ Times

Hey there my fellow friends... I hope you're doing good on a Saturday morning!

Yes, like many women out there, I can be a bitch some times. Now, don't go saying that you aren't and will never be a bitch. Deep down, we are capable of being bitches. At work, at the mall, with friends, whatever and whenever.

Today, I'm going to bitch a little about the working environment.

These days, I realized that people are pretty rude. Whether the other party you are dealing with is your customer or supplier, it don't matter. People take their time to answer emails and do follow ups. Also, they are ridiculous at times.

Once, I contacted a customer who uses the products which I'm selling. Let's call her Jenn. She replied saying that they use the products and asked me for further information. I sent it on the same day and when I followed up with her a few days later, she tells me that she'll contact me if there's a requirement. Why ask for more information when you do not have a requirement?! That's like one dumb fuck lor… Pardon my language but at times, these are the type of people who really 'make my day' if you get what I mean.

There's another bunch of people who simply has no mannerism. I called this lady and she has the most un-interesting voice on a Friday. I don't mean an ugly voice. There's no such thing as an ugly voice. Her voice tells me that she's a dull person, bored with her job perhaps, one with no tinge of life in her. I think her colleagues can tell that she's alive through her ability to move around and the fact that she still breathes. Take those away and one wouldn't bat an eyelid if she's dead. That's how bad her voice is. It seems that she's not interested with her job and she's not looking forward to head home. It was 5 plus on a Friday. It's nearing knock-off time. Hey woman! Have some life in the way you speak!

Anyway, I talked to her as best as I can. After all, she may be my next customer. Yes, I'm practical like that. She said she's not the person-in-charge. I asked her for the name of the PIC. She asked me to call her receptionist and ask for it. I was like - Duh! You don't know what your colleagues are doing and who's doing what??? Okie... give her the benefit of doubt. Perhaps there's TOO many colleagues or departments to give a damn.

She asked me to drop an email to a general email to the sales department. She's from the sales department by the way. I told her I've done so and I've received no response. She said she's seen it and have forwarded it to The Manager. I asked her for the name of The Manager. She said she doesn't know the name. Somebody just kill me right now! Why don't she just tell me straight in my face that she can't give it to me? The last I looked, names aren't that sacred like that. She sounds silly when she says she has sent it to The Manager and yet has no idea of his/her name.

She asked me to get it from the receptionist and so I did. I figured it's a waste of my time talking to dumb people like herself. I called the receptionist and got the number of The Manager who happens to be the boss of the company. Had I known it's going to be that tough, I would have asked the receptionist in the first place. I called the boss and guess what? I asked him for his email address after talking about our products for a while. He asked me to get it from the receiptionist!!! He doesn't even know his email address?!?! How are you to lead a company when you don't have a clue of your email address?! And so, I conclude. Like Boss, like employees.

There's always dumb people out there, people full of nonsense, people who are plain rude, people who disregard you and the list goes on...

You working people out there, I do hope that every single day is worth working for in your case.

Dreamy C

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