Saturday, 22 December 2012

My Foundation Brushes

This is the collection I've managed to gather so far.
Left to Right:
Sigma F80 Brush
MAC 187SE Brush
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Real Techniques Essential Foundation Brush
MAC 191 Brush
I first purchased the MAC187SE brush for Liquid foundation. I've tried compact powders and liquid foundation. The compact ones don't have as much coverage and I just don't like a 2-way cake. When I venture into liquid foundations, I got the MAC187SE brush in a set. I use it as that's the only brush I have. Soon, I began to find faults with it. First, the bristles are too long for stippling purposes. I tried to use this brush to do some buffing but I wasn't successful. I've no idea how others do it. I find the bristles too long and not dense enough for buffing.
I then read lots of blogs and it was just a couple of months back that I decided to buy the Sigma F80 brush. Bun Bun Makeup Tips (the link here) happened to set up a store selling makeup stuff and the tools for makeup. I saw that she carried Sigma brushes and made an order for the F80 brush. She did a blog entry this brush and to be honest, she put hope in me again.
I like the F80 brush. The bristles are shorter and denser - Great for buffing.
You see, I usually use my brushes once then I would do spot cleaning for them before using them again the next day. I'll do a thorough clean once a week. A person only has 1 face and it's the face which people sees first so it is important in my opinion. As such, I'll try my best not to encourage the breeding of bacteria on my face. At times, I get lazy and didn't spot clean my brushes. Come the next day, I would forsake applying makeup when I didn't have time to spot clean them. I can't change the fact that I can get lazy at times and when I've the mood to apply makeup, I don't want to forsake it for any other reasons. As such, I need more brushes and this brings me to the brush from Real Techniques.
Having read good reviews on the brushes from Real Techniques and being so amazed with their Blush Brush, I placed an order for the Expert Face Brush. It's dense and good for buffing. Till date, it's my go-to brush with the Sigma following next.
Left to Right:
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
MAC 187SE Brush
Sigma F80 Brush
I hardly use such brushes. I first purchase the MAC 191 brush to try after having the MAC 187SE brush. I don't like this. It takes a longer time to apply my foundation. I also don't like that the bristles are not dense. Why did I get the same kind of brush from Real Techniques then? I don't have a choice for it comes in a set. The name of the set is Travel Essentials. I've yet to use this brush. Who knows? I might like it!
Brushes from Real Techniques are designed by pro make up artist - Samantha Chapman. She's been a professional make up artist for 15 years. The brushes are made of taklon and they are ultra soft. You can buy Real Techniques brushes HERE. They are also very affordable. I like... ^^
I also use the Expert Face Brush to apply BB cream! Weekdays I go for my liquid foundation by Estee Lauder and come weekends, my hands reach out for BB cream by Missha. I don't think I need more brushes for foundation now. If there's ever a time when I needed more, I'll most probably get the Expert Face Brush and/or Sigma F80 brush.
Oops! I almost forgot that I've brushes from Charm. You can read all about them HERE. I've used their brush for pressed powder and I do not like it at all. To be honest, I regretted buying them. Oh well... makeup is always trial and error! ^^
Dreamy C

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