Friday, 21 December 2012

Ahhh...I Could Get Used to This

On 15th December 2012, Saturday, I went for a movie - The Hobbit. A movie worth every penny in my opinion. Exciting, interesting and fascinating. I found out that The Hobbit comes before the trilogy of Lord of The Ring.

The sequence is The Hobbit - The Fellowship of The Ring - The Two Towers - The Return of The King.

I can't wait for Part II of The Hobbit to be shown in the cinema. I especially like the Gollum. Ha ha... My Precious~~~ At times, I find him very scary. Those few strands of hair hanging from his head, those big round eyes which aren't the cute looking ones, those rotten teeth, ugly looking body etc. He looked hideous but at the same time, he can be rather funny and adorable. Contradicting. Ha!

Right after the movie which ended around lunch time, I didn't head straight for lunch as I wasn't feeling all too hungry. I head down to the good people @ Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and got myself a nice cup of Cherry Blossom. I love teas which smell nice, all floral and lovely. Cherry Blossom is actually green tea leaves from Taiwan. It is light with a slight whiff of cherry.

What is a cup of tea w/o its companion - A Good Book? I'm sure I have a good book along with me that day! The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling. This is her first book for adults.

I had such a great time focusing on me alone w/o distractions from other people. I should do this more often... ^^

Dreamy C

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