Saturday, 15 December 2012

CLIO Kill Slim Brush Liner

Colour: Black
Retails for $22.90 from Watsons
Line's very fine indeed. Kill Slim. Hmmm... Doesn't seem to ring positively in my ear.
I tried using this and I don't quite like it. Perhaps it takes some time getting used to. I'm still feeling more at ease with my gel liners and a brush. Well, that's just me...*shrugs*
I've heard that their liners in pencil form, pretty good.
That's all I'm going to talk about liners for now. Let's talk about issues relating to liners.
Whenever I use liners, I always end up with some black stuff in the inner corner of my eyes (the inside) no matter how well I remove them. Perhaps you don't believe me. Let me tell you how 'well' I have them removed.
First, I soak some cotton pads with an eye make up remover by Lancome. I happen to possess it in travel size. I press the cotton pads on my eyelids for a minute, give and take.
Then, I take a cotton bud and have some cleansing oil by Fancl on it. I lift up my eyelids and clean the 'rims'. Ok I don't know the word for it and so I use 'rim'. You know those white parts when you lift up your eyelids? I do this when I tightline my eyes. They are real clean after using the cotton bud or so I thought.
Then I proceed with removal of make up for the rest of my face followed by washing my face twice with my cleanser. Thereafter, I go take my shower. When I'm done with it, I look at the inside of my eyes. I don't know the name and so, I've found a picture to show you. The wonders of Google. ^^ Don't worry. It's nothing gross.
There! Despite the thorough clean up, I end up with some black stuff (from the liner) at the area where you see 1 individual arrow. That's what I refer to as - the inner corner of my eyes (the inside).
I would need to use a cotton bud, wet it and dab it out.
Rarely, I would still have very little black residue when I wash my face the next morning.
This is really frustrating for me and this is one of the major reasons why I do not like to line my eyes regardless of whether I tight line them or not.
And I thought I'm the only one experiencing this. I asked my cousin the other day and the same thing happens to her!
Now my question to you is, do you have the same problem? Have you managed to find better solutions to tackle them?
Do share!
Dreamy C

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