Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tuesday, 22.04.2014

I received news that the person who hates me, her kids & her helper are all sick. I prayed for them to get well soon. It's really tough praying for people who dislikes you and have done things over time to make you suffer & now, you have to pray for them.

This brought to my mind, what was being preached during one of the BSF lessons. The way Jesus live and act is different. It is not 'normal'. For example, a 'normal' person would retaliate when being slapped on 1 side of the cheek. Jesus' way of teaching is to not only not retaliate but to offer the other side of the cheek to be slapped as well. Well, you can't take that literally but He did not teach us to react like 'normal' people. If everyone were to be more like Jesus, there would be peace on earth.

Yup! So in the end, I prayed for them WILLINGLY. =)

I just received news which proves to me that prayer is indeed powerful. Some weeks back, I asked God to convince me that prayer is powerful as I just can't get it in my head. Now, I'm totally convinced and I'm encouraged to spend more time on praying. =) Praise God! A Big Thank You to you-know-who-you-are.

Breakfast for today was a white roll which I baked, with butter and a slice of salami.
Lunch will be Rice with Black Sauce Fish & Veggie.
Dinner will be Curry Chicken with the white rolls which I baked.

By tonight, the white rolls will be finished. I'll have to bake again tonight. I'm thinking of some wholemeal bread since I've some wholemeal flour left. =)

I'm going to make myself a cup of Rooibos Tea now...
Enjoy your Tuesday!

Dreamy C

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