Monday 21 April 2014

Monday, 21.04.2014

Seriously, I don't even know how my holidays went through so fast. I felt like I did nothing much even though I've an additional day off from work due to Good Friday. Let's do a recap...

Friday morning, I got up at 8 a.m. which is the usual time I get up these days. S & I went to Shunfu Mart for some breakfast. After which, J & I went to church in the afternoon. Thereafter, we picked up the kiddos. Fatty was sick & couldn't come. First Born came even though he wasn't feeling well. After dinner, both S & I brought Handsome to catch a movie - Captain America. It was really enjoyable & we had fun! That's the high point of the day.

Saturday morning, I got up close to 8 a.m. It was such a good time for me to rest since Fatty wasn't around & First Born wasn't feeling well. That means, there's peace and quiet at home which I appreciate. =) I went to give Horlick a shower round about 10 a.m. & went home after that for lunch. I then spent some time on my BSF homework (about time...) and headed out again for my facial late afternoon. My shoulders were really tensed up & my beautician gave me a good massage. I ended up with bruises but I slept really well that night. 

Sunday was the routine. Church, home for lunch & laze around. J watched some soccer matches & I carried on with my BSF homework and my X'mas cards. I also baked some white rolls so J, S & I can have it with our curry come Tuesday night. S planned to cook Chicken Curry for dinner tomorrow. Well, before heading home after church, J bought me a some clothes from G-Star Raw which is my favorite brand. =) I felt so happy... Take a look!

Breakfast for today was Rice with Braised Chicken with Beancurd & Hard Boil Egg and Stir-Fried Beansprouts.
Lunch will be a slice of banana bread (I baked over the past couple days ago). I must say the banana bread which I baked taste great with some salt on it. Yummylicious! 
Dinner will be Beef Steak with some Cucumber Salad. It's just some thinly sliced cucumber with lemon juice mixed with sesame oil, pepper and salt dressing. 

You may wonder why my breakfast and lunch seems weird today. Well, what I had for breakfast was meant for lunch and vice versa. The only reason I had it switched is because I've to bring my laptop to work today as I brought it home over the weekend and my shoulders couldn't bear the stress. Hence, I decided to have my lunch for breakfast so I don't have to bring the containers to work with me. 

That's it for me today! I'm knocking off earlier than usual as there's BSF class today! I'm looking forward to the June holidays where I'll have a whole month free from BSF classes. >.<

Well, I sure hope your Easter went well and productive.
Have a blessed Monday!

Dreamy C

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