Thursday, 3 April 2014

Thursday, 03.04.2014

How time flies... It's Thursday today. Well, my morning began slightly later than usual. Thank God that I'm only left with a couple of questions even though I woke up later. I need to complete it before the kiddos come as that's when the house will be nowhere near quiet & I can't study on the Word of The Lord. Different people works differently. I'm just 1 of those who need peace in order to be able to absorb what I'm reading. =)

This book - 'The Power of a Praying Wife' is indeed a good book. I've completed Chapter 1 & I'll continue to pray for J. I started praying for J last night. What was I thinking? Why didn't I pray for him more consistently? Did I think that J doesn't need prayers? Why is it that I'm more ready to pray for others than for J? Frankly speaking, it's the hurt & anger which made me NOT want to pray for him. Disappointment plays a part too. Since reading this book, my heart's more open to pray for J even though he has hurt me. Everyone hurts everyone. I believe I've hurt J as well on some occasions. I'm just glad I'm learning to forgive more easily. =) I'm going to pray for J on a daily basis. Thereafter, I'll learn to pray for my enemies. 

Learning about God has made me more aware towards my faults. Learning more about God each day brings me joy & I'm happy to change for the better. After all, nobody's perfect. =)

Breakfast was Vegetarian Bee Hoon.
Lunch was Braised Fish with Stir-Fry Wong Bok & Rice. 
I have no idea what's for dinner but as usual, I'll post a picture of it on Instagram.

I went to the Post Office this afternoon as I've just received another order. =) The post office (Thomson Branch) has shifted to Thomson CC. On my way to the bus-stop back to the office, I saw a sign which says 'Shunfu Mart'. The thought of famous muffins filled my mind & I thought of making a trip there. Perhaps I could get some for the kiddos as their supper tomorrow night & also for J. 

I walked to where the sign was pointing to & I wasn't feeling very confident. I saw a lady & decided to ask her for directions. "Auntie, where is Shunfu Mart?" She looked at me angrily. For a moment, I thought she's sick in her mind. Her reply? "Auntie! Auntie! Auntie you are asking for Shunfu Mart is it?! Auntie! Auntie! There Auntie! Shunfu Mart is there Auntie!" I was shocked out of my life. For sure, I didn't expect such reactions from her. My instant reaction to her behavior was laugh. Seriously, I find her so comical. She look every inch like an Auntie. Did she expect me to address her as young lady??? If she really did expect that, I'll have to apologise to her for I simply cannot bring myself to utter those words to her. She looked every inch like an Auntie in her mid-40's, a housewife & not showered. I'm 33 myself & I'm perfectly fine with people calling me Auntie. In fact, I would feel awkward if people were to call me young lady. I was like - what's the big deal with Auntie? It's just a form of addressing people. 

I couldn't figure it out & I started pondering over it till I got my answer. An answer wasn't given as to why she reacted this way. The Holy Spirit didn't tell me that the Auntie has over-reacted & that she's wrong. The Holy Spirit told me to reflect on HOW I asked for directions. It then occurred to me that I was rude. I should say, "Excuse me, can you please tell me how to get to Shunfu Mart?" Some people can be irritated with certain words. Just because I'm fine with it doesn't mean it's fine for others as well. I immediately confessed my sins & was glad that I learn something about myself again! How wonderful... =)

Well, that's about all I would like to share today.

Blessed Thursday!

Dreamy C

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