Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wednesday, 02.04.2014

I saw little J this morning which was such a joy. He's the boy of one of our neighbors. He’s definitely not a morning baby as he was still a bit grouchy & much effort has to be taken to get him to smile but once he smiles, he’s so charming… =) I've been thinking of Ms. Chubby for the past few days. She's overseas now & I'll only get to see her 02 x weeks from now... =(

I did some reading from ‘The Power of a Praying Wife’ last night. During the day, I decided to give up watching Twinkle Twinkle & throughout the night, I experienced no itch of catching glimpses of it at all. I thank The Lord for that. 

While reading the book, I also took down some notes. I take this as my Quiet Time (QT) with The Lord. I’ve read till page 29 & I do like it very much. I’m going to do my BSF h/w in the morning. Come evening, I’ll do my QT & then, sing to The Lord. I’m not a good singer but I do enjoy singing by myself in the room. I did this last night after my QT. It’s such a joy to face the windows so I can see the sky & sing to The Lord. Different people approach The Lord differently. This is my way. =) 

Before I sing, I went to the toilet to floss my teeth. It was then that I heard birds chirping. It was nearing to 9 p.m. & it didn't feel eerie to me at all. In fact, I felt good. Say what you like, judge how you want but I believe God is happy that I’m trying to know Him more & perhaps he sends me pleasant sounds of birds chirping while I floss my teeth! Strange but God DOES work in funny ways. =)

I tried to bake Rosemary Focaccia Bread yesterday & it failed! It just would not rise. I couldn't figure out why. Perhaps there’s insufficient yeast? It turned out more like Rosemary Kueh then Rosemary Focaccia. Ha ha… I’ll definitely try again next time. It smelled lovely though… >.<

Well, you would have known that I no longer plan out my lunches & dinners for the week. What's for lunch today? Frankly speaking, I'm not sure. I didn't ask S. Check out my Instagram after 1 p.m. today to find out!

Blessed Wednesday!

Dreamy C

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