Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wednesday, 23.04.2014

Today, I find it easier to pray for the lady (let's call her K) who hates me, her kids and her helper. I'm feeling guuuudddd today! =) God makes your life on earth more bearable. Hmmm... I shall put that as a quote on my planner for Week 18. =)

Breakfast for today was 02 x slices of Chocolate Cake & a cup of Lavender Earl Grey Tea.
Lunch will be Ginger Pork, Spinach, Omelette & Rice.
Dinner? Not sure...

I baked the Chocolate Cake last night with some Hershey's Cocoa Powder. Yummy... It smelled lovely, it tastes rich. In fact, I can hardly finish 02 x slices. I've left a few cubes for tea later. =) I'm also going to continue with my BSF h/w later during lunch. H/w for DFG is beckoning...

Nothing much for today except that I've to mail 02 x b'day cards to J's brother & sister. 1 resides in Netherlands while the other in France. It's good having a card maker & baker near you... =) Self praise is no praise. Ha ha...

Oh! Before I forget! I've something to share... I've been a Clarins girl when it comes to skincare and I found that their products didn't work that great on me. The eye cream don't work, the face thingy (claims to sharpen your face) didn't work, the moisturizer was alright, the toner was alright etc. All I can say is that I like their cleanser which cleans my face well w/o giving me a tight feeling after wash.

I ran out of day moisturizer & have been using the night moisturizer from Clarins during day time for the past couple of days. Not a good idea. I went downstairs and my face felt oily, not a good sign! I knew I needed a moisturizer for day time. I decided to head down to Body Shop. Why Body Shop? Well, they gave me a sample (Nutriganics - drop of youth) when J bought some deodorants last week. I applied it on my face & realized that it's not bad... I decided to make a trip down and get that product & a day moisturizer.

They were having a promotion going on - Buy 2 get 1 free. Hence, I bought the Nutriganics - Drop of Youth & a night treatment (Seaweed range). The Drop of Youth ain't cheap at all. It costs SGD59.90. Oh well... it's a pre-serum. It helps your skin absorb the next product better.

Since there's a promotion, I paid nothing for my day moisturizer which is a Tea Tree lotion something. I also got a 20 dollar voucher which I bought a body lotion - Vineyard Peach. I paid SGD1.90 for that since the voucher isn't sufficient to cover the cost of it. I've always loved the smell of peaches & eating it as well... =) Great timing since I've more than enough hand lotion but hardly any body lotion. I'm still hanging onto my sample sized Lancome body lotion - Miracle which smelled lovely but costly. Besides, I'm too lazy to brave the crowd in Orchard just to get a tube of body lotion even though I can earn some points on my Tangs card.

Take a look at the photos!

I applied the Clarins Toner followed by Drop of Youth (DOY) last night after I scrubbed my face. I'm not sure if it's the product or the scrub but my face was clean & clear. I'll continue using this DOY for the next 27 days & see if my beautician commented anything. The night treatment (Seaweed range) was light too...
This morning, I applied my Clarins Toner followed by DOY followed by Tea Tree day moisturizer. The moisturizer stings a bit but it was bearable. I'll continue using it and see how it goes... 4 hours later, my face looks alright with just some shine on my nose bridge. It's hardly noticeable. Not bad...

Well, I'll be sure to update you after 27 days!
Wishing you a blessed Wednesday! It's mid-week people!!! =)

Dreamy C

P.S.: It just occurred to me that it's been a while since I last do a post for my favorite kid on facts of animals/mammals. Get your butt off the chair & start working!!!

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