Sunday, 20 January 2013

Stuff in Each Tray

1st Tray
I put my adhesives, some cutting equipments, pens, stamp cleaner and a spare cutter for my cutting pad. When my 2 packages arrive, I'm going to put more adhesives in here. Some of which are Zips and Zots. They are sticky glue like the double-sided tap type but they are more convenient.
2nd Tray
The bottles on the top left side are my glimmer mists. Below it is a distressed ink pad and on top of it is a ink pad from Versafine in Onyx Black. Beside it is a bottle of glittering glue by Martha Stewart.
All those almond shaped containers are ink pads. On top of it are bottles of embossing powder and beside all these bottles on the right hand side are my glitters. On top of the glitters sits my glue pad for embossing using rubber stamps.
3rd Tray
This level looks pretty empty but wait till my bulk purchases arrive.
In here at this moment are crystal stickers in red, some embellishments in the form of a bird, bird cage and bird nest with eggs. Then I've got a ribbon which is around 2m long.
I've also brads in blue, purple, yellow, green, orange and aqua by We R Memory Keepers. I've brads of 3 sizes.
4th Tray
I've my cutter there by Cutterpede.
It doesn't fit nicely in the tray. It's slightly longer but it's alright when I shift it up a little.
Right beneath my cutter are my heat gun, some shape cutters and the equipment in pink can be used to punch hole or secure something which I don't know the name for. I'll show you the next time.
5th Tray
I put my tracing paper and cards in here.
My 12" x 12" cards cannot be placed here. Where do I put them then?
See right at the bottom? I managed to find a slot to stick them in. ^^
The last tray, I've decided to leave it for the boys. They like to use their imagination and assemble a car, a plane or whatever with lego pieces. After completing their master piece(s), they usually get upset if it's dismantled and it's messy to be putting them in the shelves in their room and so, the last tray's for them to put their master piece(s)! ^^
Now, I can't wait for my packages to arrive. The 1st has been shipped and the 2nd is still in the process of being packed. I want to start making some festive cards!!!
Dreamy C

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