Sunday, 6 January 2013

40% Discount in PaperMarket

I was browsing through YouTube the other day and was so fascinated with Book Scrapping. Yes, I'm only starting to take a second look now. What can I say? I'm a late bloomer. Ha ha...

40% discount. Who can resist that? I went in to the outlet @ Vivocity and browse a little bit before the movie starts. Anything which cost $10 will entitle me to a $4 discount. Something which cost $10 will only cost me $6 today. How great is that??? With discount, it usually means you can't get the stuff you are looking for especially when you arrived late. I didn't know about the discount until today and it's ending come Wednesday 09.01.2012.

Stuff like the paper piercer, corner paper trimmer (scallop), stamps, embossing heater etc. aren't available. They don't even carry a binding machine! I'm glad I've found PaperWishes (online store). Their link HERE if you are interested.

So these are basically what I've ended up with:

Brads. Lovely stuff. The only disappointment is that there aren't many designs available.
Only these round ones. Perhaps they don't even carry other designs? I didn't ask.
I once made use of brads in the design of cakes and balloons to wrap a present for my BFF's kid.
Those brads, I got them from Made With Love. They are under renovation as we speak. Boo hoo!
These brads that I've purchased today? Their original price is $5.90 each and $3.55 after discount.

These put double sided tapes to shame. I'm referring to those double sided strips.
The one in red has a stronger holding power and once you stick something on it, you can't remove it w/o damaging it. This one retails for $11.50. Discount is not applicable for this.
The one in blue isn't as strong and so, it allows once to remove stuff easily. Say for example, you stick a photo on a piece of paper with this tape and you don't like the look of it. You can easily remove the photo and change the layout w/o causing damage to the paper!
This retails for $11.90 and again, discount is not applicable.

These are emobssing powder and they are really wonderful products. I've not used them before, as I've said, I'm a newbie but looking through posts on YouTube got me somewhat familiar with them.
These retails for $11.90 each and $7.15 after discount.

I had wanted to get a bigger ink pad BUT! They ran out of stock for the ones in black for bigger ones.
This retails for $2.90 and $1.75 after discount.

Ok so you use stamps for ink and perhaps for embossing stuff as well.
You gotta clean it first before using it for another colour. So I got this!
This retails for $9.90 and $5.95 after discount.

These paper cutters retail for $9.90 each and $5.95 after discount.

Precision cutting calls for precision scissors.
This retails for $24.90 and $14.95 after discount.

How can any scrap booking go ahead w/o papers?! These are slightly thicker than 'standard' paper.
I believe the industry calls them the stock cards?
Anyway, they retail between $1.10 to $1.90 each.
Go figure the amount after discount.
Closer look of the papers...

I purchased a total of 10 pcs of paper. With this discount, I've saved $62.75.
When you spend $50 @ PaperMarket, you become a member for 2 years and that entitles you to 15% discount on non-promotional items. This current promotion will end soon and in another 2 weeks time, there will be a replenishment of stock. I might go check it out late February.
If my creativity turns out good, I might want to do some cards for Christmas this year. ^^
Dreamy C

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