Thursday 3 January 2013


Happy New Year Friends!!!

Another year gone. Too fast, too quickly. Months pass without me realising it. I'm a year older now. A brand new year. New set of hopes and dreams. New set of goals.

2012 has been a good year for me. The greatest gift of Year 2012 for me would be that my brother has started talking to me. Years back, we stopped talking and I've no idea why. On my b'day, he sent me a message, giving me his well wishes. Trust me, that's a BIG change. In the past, he hates me so much, he wouldn't touch anything which belonged to me. Not even a tray of eggs in the fridge, not even the laundry detergent I bought. A guy who once hate me so much, sitting just opposite me one day for dinner with my Mom and his girlfriend. Laughing and talking to me casually to me. That's a dream come true. Just like my reply to him after the message which he sent - Thanks, the best gift ever.

Year 2013. What do I hope to achieve? For the first time, I've sort of listed down stuff for my 'new year resolutions'. To be honest, not many follow the list but I thought of seriously doing one and looking at it again at the end of this year to see how many I've striked off.

This year...
  1. I want to save at least $8K.
  2. I want to have less hatred for certain people in my life. Yes, I'm only human and I've the capability to hate and hate I do deeply at times.
  3. I want to be more patient.
  4. I want to be more considerate.
  5. I want to try completing a Biblical Study which last for close to a year.
  6. I want to not just do gifting to my friends and loved ones on Christmas Day. I also want to give gifts to the less fortunate.
  7. I want to spend at least 1 hour with The Lord on a daily basis. I've bought a book, something like 'Everyday with Jesus' for this assignment. It's day 3 now and frankly speaking, I've yet to touch it.
  8. I want to spend lesser time on games in Face Book and more time on expanding my customer database.
  9. I want to be baptized on Resurrection Day.
  10. I want to be a confirmed member of my church.
  11. I want to start working out and aim to lose at least 5kg by the end of the year.
  12. I want to try getting back with my Dad. Yes, I'm once a very wilful kid and I've hurt him deeply. I've made attempts in closing the gap between us but it's not turning out well. I don't expect him to throw his arms around me and tell me everything's alright. I'm going to persevere and not give up.
  13. I want to try and have a baby.
  14. I want to go for a short break to Redang Island this August.
It's been my wish of having a baby for years. Try as I might, I'm not blessed with one. In a way, I believe that it's good the way things turn out for me. Had I had a baby years back, I wouldn't be able to get a divorce (My parents divorced when I was 10 and I vow never to allow my kid(s) to grow up in a broken family) and w/o a divorce, I can't enjoy the life that I want, I can't get my freedom and what I deserve.

I can only start going for vacation from August as I've just started a business with J this year and we made promises to each other that we will give the company a year of full commitment and the company would be 1 year come end June.

I hope to be able to strike off a few items by end of this year and to my readers, I hope that you'll be able to follow the resolution list should you come up with one.

Whatever the case, I wish that you'll have great health, wealth, love, hope and peace this year!!! Lastly, never stop dreaming...

Dreamy C

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