Tuesday, 22 January 2013

1st Parcel

As mentioned earlier, I'm going to show you what I've purchased. I call this my 1st Parcel.

This machine allows me to punch holes and bind!

This allows me to choose between a scallop or cloud cut at the corners.

Foams used to give the item a 'lift'.

A Christmas Tree punch. This allows you to lift the leaves and give it a sort of 3-D effect.

This is a mistake as I do not have a die cut machine!

Baby's Breath Puncher

Acrylic Blocks

Another mistake!


Santa Stamps

Flower Stamps

Teddy Bear Stamp

I Love these Stamps! Remember Peter Rabbit?!?!

So there you go! Items from the 1st parcel. I've placed an order for a 2nd one and I'm waiting for it to arrive. Show them to you once I got them!

Dreamy C

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