Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Simple Things Makes One Happy...

Is happiness hard to attain? Well, it all depends on how simple one is. It's easier if your expectation isn't high, if you are easily contented. Today, I share with you on some stuff which makes me happy.

What is that?!?!


A close-up photo! Isn't that lovely?! Home grown cherry tomatoes
taste sweeter and are firm to the touch

Orchids make me happy too!

Just imagine having these near you with you sipping a cup of floral tea and reading a book

Well, food also makes me very happy... ^^

Yummy Lobster Salad @ Crossroads Cafe, Marriott Hotel

Fish & Chips @ Crossroads Cafe, Marriott Hotel. The yellow thingy is le-mung (lemon).
Pardon my pronunciation

Hokkien Mee @ Crossroads Cafe, Marriott Hotel. Seriously, this sucks BIG time!
I can get my fix at any HDB coffeeshops. =(

That's all folks! Stay Happy! =)

Dreamy C

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