Saturday, 25 August 2012

Saturday - 25th August 2012

Today's the last weekend where I'll have to deal with the little ones w/o my helper. So far, it's been my joy to have them. Though they have demands here and there, I never once lost my temper and vent my frustration on them which is a positive thing, I believe.

I'm quite proud of myself as I'm always prepared ahead of time. I'm also happy that they enjoyed the porridge I made for them. The only problem is that they don't like chicken in it. I later found out that my helper usually gives them plain porridge with You Tiao, which I find kinda boring. I'm glad they don't mind the silver fish.

The routine is usual - swimming lesson, abacus lesson, soccer. This time round, we brought them out for dinner. No way am I going to cook. Take it as a break for me. Also, I feel like bringing them to some place nice for a change. We ended up in Bishan Park 2, in a restaurant named The Cornerstone. I must say that the atmosphere is good with plentiful of trees and greenery. There's a few restaurants there. Canopy, The green room. I believe these 2 restaurants are opened by the same owner of the Aramsa Spa. Anyway, pictures of food for your viewing...

His main - Pork Ribs which were so-so
My main - Filet Mignon which is not too bad. My helper makes a better mash potato though
Now what is dinner w/o a glass of ice cold beer...
I enjoyed myself, the kiddos enjoyed themselves. They're BIG eaters. The eldest wolfed down 2 plates of chicken nuggets. There's easily at least 6 pcs of chicken nuggets with some fries and salad in each plate.
Fatty and Handsome shared a plate of fish and chips. There's only a slice of fish. Handsome's a small eater. He's weary of getting fat. Such a young age and yet... *sigh* Fatty as the name suggest, had an additional plate of chicken nuggets. All 3 drowned the food down with a glass of apple juice.
Happy kids = Happy Dreamy! ^^
I hope your Saturday is just as fabulous!
Dreamy C

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