Friday, 24 August 2012

Nice Smooth Porridge - Cantonese Style

I find eating bread, no matter how fancy looking they may be, rather boring. Hence, I've decided to cook something yummy for the boys. How about some nice smooth flavorful porridge? Ha ha...

First, I soak some rice grains with 1 x tablespoon oil and 1 teaspoon salt. Pour in double the amount of water you usually put in the container when you want to cook rice. Don't ask me why. I don't know! I read it somewhere and I've forgotten the reason why. Slogan from Nike - Just Do It!

After soaking for round about 5 hours (you can soak overnight if you wish to), I poured the water away and prepare to cook it. BUT! I'm not going to make porridge with plain water. What do I use?

Chicken stock! I bought 4 bucks worth of chicken bones. I don't use all of them. As you can see here, I only use bones from 2 x whole chicken. Amount of water? Don't know ah... Just agar agar. How to make?
  1. First, boil a pot of water and scald the chicken to get rid of all the blood and dirty stuff.
  2. Pour away water and begin with a fresh pot of water over big flames of fire.
  3. Add chicken and once it boils, turn the flames down.
  4. Cook over small flames of fire for an hour.
  5. Done!
Then put soaked rice (remember to get rid of the water) into a pot and pour in enough stock to cover the rice. Cook over high heat and once boiling, turn it down to low heat. After cooking for an hour, this is how it looks like...

Then I add in some silver fish.

Just look at how fat they are

I went on to cook for another 30 minutes and this is how it looks like...

Then I cover and leave it over the stove till the next morning where I'm going to heat it up. I'll add in some shredded chicken and buy some You Tiao downstairs tomorrow morning.

Of course, I can add in some spring onion and thinly sliced ginger. BUT! This is for the little ones so I'm leaving those out. Feel free to add them in if you intend to cook some porridge. 2 little ingredients make a HUGE difference!

Until next time...

Dreamy C

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