Sunday, 12 August 2012

How I spend my Friday and Saturday (10th & 11th Aug)

What have I been up to these past couple of days? Well, I met up with Ms. P on Friday night for dinner. We had Steam Boat in Tom Yum Kungfu @ Circular Road. Hai yak!!! That's the sound I make when I do a karate chop. Ha ha... I googled to see how good this place is. I LOVE having steam boat. The chili, the variety of food, the soup... Need I say more??? I show you some photos...

This is the smallest set for 2 @ SGD38.00. There's vercemili, enoki mushroom and some veggie.

Enough about veggie, this is the MEAT and seafood. Oh, Ms. P requested for more fishcake and less meat. What?! LESS meat?! Well, she ain't a meat lover and she's no idea what an eater I can be. ^^ There's ALWAYS next time!!!

Mango Salad

Fried Chicken

This is how 'IT' look like.

By 'IT', I meant the steam boat. The mango salad was good, not as spicy and very appetizing. Next time, I'll order a larger portion. Heh heh... glutton. The fried chicken was a let down, though it has some good reviews when I googled it.

The set comes with chunks of pork lard. Before you go shaking your head, I don't fancy pork lard. Never been a lover and I guess never will be. HOWEVER... the pork lard here does not turn me away and it isn't that yucky. It's a good alternative to butter. Just go easy on it. You BBQ your food on the dome like thingy and slowly, the juices from BBQing your meat and what have you, will flow down to the soup. Chey? The juices make the soup all the more yummy and flavorful!

All these for SGD60.00! I'm thinking of going again perhaps within the next few weeks or perhaps in September? Imagine having this, eating your fill and drown it all down with a cold bottle of beer or a can of cold cold coke. Wah... HEAVEN!

That's Friday night for you. What about Saturday? Saturday wasn't what I had planned. Still feeling angry typing this down. My Mom, the person whom I love so very much, has been complaining of her hands going numb since last year. I've been telling her to go see a doc but I guess she's been lazy. She finds time for karaoke and dancing but no time for the doc. At times, I don't understand her. I found out from Ms. H of a good sin-seh and decided to bring Mommy there! I arranged to meet her at her home on Saturday morning. She agreed. Come Saturday morning, I went over to her place and she's nowhere in sight. I called her via her mobile and she has switched it OFF!!! *Horror* I reached there around 9a.m. and waited till 11 plus. I called her 12 times. I strongly believe she's gone to Genting to gamble. She can't gamble here as she's been banned!

She fly my aeroplance (only locals will understand this phrase) and as a result, my Saturday is screwed. I've no idea what to do next. My initial plan was sin-seh, lunch with Mom, shopping then go home with her where I'll have my facial scheduled at 4p.m. What do I do now?! I changed my facial to 12p.m. and went down for a quick lunch. Lucky me! My beautician isn't able to accommodate last min changes especially on a Saturday. I went for a good facial and she mentioned that my skin is getting better. I must thank products from Clarins, which I'm going to cover much later. After my facial, I decided to go for foot reflexlogy but I've no idea where to get a good one and so, I asked my beautician. It happened that there's a good one just a couple of blocks away! The only problem is that he's only available at 4.15p.m. It was 2.45p.m. when I made the appointment. I decided to go to Ang Mo Kio hub. I only intended to get some nipple stickers from Warcoal but I did more damage than that. See what I bought!

Panties!!! Well, quite a few of mine are worn and need change.
These are seamless, 2 different design.

Again, seamless. How cute are these... I cannot resist!

I love these! Thin and lacy. Very comfortable. With matching panties!

Oh well... I also bought 2 x cotton black panties and 3 sets of nipple stickers. I'm not posting the photos as they're boring. Besides, I'm sure you can envision it.

Time flies when you're having fun! Soon, it's time for my other type of relaxation.

He's very good! A one-man show. I've gone for foot reflexology once every few years and every time I went for one, it hurt like hell. Dave? Doesn't hurt! You may say - Aiya! No pain = no work lah! Get Lost! I tell you, this kind of thought is wrong. I asked Dave and he told me that if lots of strength is being used, you feel pain and hence, your muscle will contract. The objective is to have a relaxing massage and get your sores and aches massaged away. What good does it do for you when your muscles contract 80% of the session??? I went for a 40 mins back massage and 40 mins foot massage. Shiok man! Beri Song! My aches were gone and my shoulders aren't tensed up like it used to be. Just great! So good, I signed up for a package. Cheap cheap. 11 sessions plus 2 x sessions of Bah Guan for SGD300.00. What is Bah Guan? It's those cup like thingy placed at strategic points on your back. They suck out the cold 'qi' from your body. The marks will usually fade within a week, I was told. Going to try it next time! ^^

That's how I spend my Saturday! I hope you had a blast for your Saturday...

Dreamy C


  1. the sales person at wacoal are very skilled. everytime i go there i spent a few hundred. so i restrict myself to go only once a year when i get birthday discount. hehe...

    1. Ha ha... I just stepped into the outlet in AMK Hub yesterday. Got a few nice pretty sweet ones. I heard from the SA that there will be a 20% discount next month. I'm waiting patiently... Next month, LINGERIE shopping! *delighted*