Tuesday 21 August 2012

Great Mask

Stubborn blackheads getting on your nerve?

Tried every way but can't seem to get them out?

I present you THIS!

This is what you get from the box.

a softner, a mask and an essence

I hardly use the essence. I bought it from Watsons and has never looked back since. I shall leave the job of convincing, to the photos I've taken.

Can't see it? See the close-up below.

No joke! All these stuff, found on my left cheek. Yucks!

My right cheek seems to be in better condition with only 2 big ones.

This mask does a great job at getting blackheads out. Don't expect a nose free of blackheads after this mask. It does not get rid of 100% but it gets rid of most of it!

I don't know about you but I feel very shiok when I peel it off. The mask adheres to your face and once totally dry, you feel like you are ripping your face apart when you peel it off. Well, no worries. Your face will STILL be intact. It's just a figure of speech but I'm sure you get it.

I usually apply this mask once a week and I tend to leave it on for about an hour. I don't remember the instruction asking for such a long duration but it's just me. I want the most out of my product.

So there you go! This works for me and might very well work for you too!

Dreamy C

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