Friday, 24 August 2012

Japanese Curry Rice

As you know, I'm now the 'temporary maid' in the house till my helper's back. I cooked Japanese Curry Rice (JCR) for dinner yesterday and it was a success! J is very fond of JCR. He told me that there's a period of time where he was in China, on a business trip. He ate JCR almost everyday for lunch! Frankly speaking, I've not tried eating JCR till last night. I usually order Beef Sukiyaki, California Rolls, Sashimi, Unagi or Tempura but never JCR, whenever I dine at a Japanese restaurant. Well, here's the recipe.

Potatoes - cut into consumable size
Carrots - cut into consumable size
Onion - diced
Chicken Fillet - cut into cubes
Instant Japanese Curry Cubes

The instant Japanese curry cubes can be purchased at any supermarket which sells Japanese products. Just get any brand. I believe the taste shouldn't vary too much. This is the brand that I've purchased.

Sorry about having to tilt your head in order to see

  1. Sautee onion
  2. Add chicken pcs after onion turns somewhat translucent
  3. Add potatoes and carrots after chicken pcs are browned slightly
  4. Add water
  5. Cook till potatoes are soft then add the curry cubes
  6. Mix it evenly and serve with rice
During the cooking process, you may find that the water isn't sufficient. Potatoes are starchy food and will definitely thicken the gravy. Fret not! Just add more water along the way. Add a little at a time.

Next time, I post about recipe on Katsu-Don. PROVIDED it's a success. ^^

Dreamy C

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