Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Story of my Blackberry Bold

This is how it all started...

On Monday, we brought the kids over. It was our plan to stay at home but later in the afternoon, J decided to go to the office and I didn't want to as I wanted to join the kids to the park.

We had so much fun in the park. We played near the pond. I tripped and fell. There goes my mobile. I was wet from my chest down and my mobile was in my back pocket. It drowned!!!
I quickly placed it in a bucket of rice once home. The next day, I took a look and it's still dead.
I used a hairdryer to try and revive it. Didn't work. It's STILL dead!

Well, I got myself a new mobile today. It's the Samsung Galaxy S5. =) I wouldn't say I feel exhilarated. I believe I felt happier when I got my Galaxy Note 8.0.

It's also only today that I found out that there's a wireless charging battery pod for the S5. I'll have to go online and get it. Talk about technology... I like... =)

For the phone, I also got the phone cover, a 64GB SD card and a tempered glass (privacy) screen protector. I was told that if I drop the phone, the tempered glass will shatter but not the actual screen. Nice!

So there you go! The story of my now very dead Blackberry. =( You will be missed buddy...
I'll have to bring it to a 2nd hand mobile shop and try and see if I can pump it back to life again. Talk about miracles... Ha ha...

Dreamy C

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