Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Wednesday, 11.06.2014

I have trouble trying to recall what day today is... =(

J, S, the kiddos and I went to watch a movie - Blended yesterday. It's a really good movie. We laughed from the beginning to the end! It's really well worth the money, even for weekend. Brilliant!
After the movie, we went to Sakae Sushi for dinner. The movie ended close to 7 p.m. and it's really pointless to go home and make dinner.
The twins had something from the kids meal, First Born had Curry Ramen set, J had Katsu-don set and I had the Teriyaki Chicken set. Besides these, we also had a few plates of sushi from the conveyor belt. Apologies for no photos as my tablet was flat out and I didn't bring it along. My mobile? Well, that's another story I'll talk about in a later entry today or tomorrow.
Everyone enjoyed the movie. =)

We brought the kiddos to Forest Adventure @ Bedok Reservoir this morning. The weather was good and they had so much fun. They are now tired and taking their afternoon nap. I thank God for the good weather.

I need to start doing my homework for BSF. I'll probably start after our church camp. So many things to do, so little time. I might start packing tonight. I know the camp only starts this Sun and it's still early days to do the packing but we've the kids here and if I don't get it done, I'm afraid I wouldn't have the time to do it. After all, the kiddos only return to their maternal home this Sat night. I'm sure I'll miss them...

Tomorrow will be lunch at Modestos, Toys R Us and probably something else.
The twins want to watch another movie - Dragon 2. Because of them, I'm also liking cartoon shows such as Gumball and How to Train Your Dragon. Ha ha... They bring the kid out of me. =) Like them, I also would like to watch Dragon 2. In fact, I also would like to watch Maleficent after reading such good reviews about it on Angelina Jolie. Another movie I would like to watch is Grace of Monaco. I do it for Nicole Kidman. Ever since watching her on Moulin Rouge, I began to like her very much. I'm sure she'll do brilliantly in Grace of Monaco despite all the bad reviews.

Well, that's about all for me today. I packed Mee Bakso home so that shall be my dinner! Yum! Yum!

Wishing you guys a brilliant mid-week!

Dreamy C

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