Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sunday - 14.10.2012

What movie are we watching today? Hmmm... Both of us like Dennis Quaid. I find him charming. ^^

The Words
This time round, we watched it at GV Grand (Great World City). The movie is all about writing, writing a story. I like this movie. Not action packed, not a drama, not a comedy. It's an artistic movie, the kind which sets you thinking when you are done watching it. It's like Revolutionary Road, that kind of movie. Something like The Descendants perhaps? The Descendants makes me want to go to Hawaii.
Before the movie, we had our lunch @ Skinny Pizza! Years back, I went there once with my then colleagues for dinner. We went to the outlet at Wheelock Place. Tried their Squid Ink Pizza and Truffle Fries. Not bad. This time round, J and I had something I've not tried before.
His Main - Bolognese & Mozzarella Pizza
Verdict: Not bad. I prefer the Squid Ink though.
My Main - Beef Sausage
What can I say? I love sausages!
Verdict: Salty
A pretty simple Sunday, a lunch, movie and home. I hope you have a great one!
Dreamy C

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