Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Les Amis

Ahhhhh........ I accumulated my credit card points just so I can redeem for vouchers for Les Amis. All the raves, the oooo's and the ahhhhh's. I can't help but wonder if it's worth all the hype.

J and I went for the 4 courses @ $88.00 each instead of the 3 courses @ $68.00 each. There might be supplements involved, depending on the type of dish one choose.

The Entrance
Nice and Simple.
Sat our butt down and noticed this little thing.
Nice thought.
Seat next to us
See the little stool there meant for bags? How lovely.
Love them. So elegant.
Smoked Salmon
Complimentary Dish
Verdict: Nice
Walnut Bread and Sea Salt Bread
Verdict: Sea Salt Bread is nice. I had a 2nd one and it was served warm! Love it!
Left: Plain Butter
Right: Tomato Butter
Sprinkles: Sea Salt mixed with Pepper?
Tomato Butter - No Nice
Plain Butter: Lovely... So nice, I finished it
Sea Salt: Sea Salt loh... Nothing special
Segla - Margaux Bordeaux France
2006 Vintage
Some gravy are so delicate and delicious that one can't help but scrap it off the plate.
Solution - This spoon
See that it's flat?
Suitable to scoop gravy off the plate with.
Goose Foie Gras Parfait
Compressed White Peach, Pistachio Candy, Crispy Apple Bread
The same starter for J and myself
Verdict: Nice. This foie gras is better than those served at Mezza9 @ Hyatt Hotel.
Note: There's a supplement of $15.00 for the foie gras.
Cream of Seasonal Mushroom Soup
2nd appetizer for J
I tried and it's yummy.
My 2nd Appetizer
Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallops
Spicy Leek, Carrot - Ginger Jus, Baby Artichoke Barigoule
Verdict: I was told that the scallops were imported. Taste nothing like that. I was disappointed. Sure, the carrot sauce and all the rest of it taste good but hey! The main attraction here are the scallops!
Note: There's a supplement of $15.00 for this.
J's Main
Oven Roasted Black Angus Beef Tenderloin
Cepe Mushroom, Sweet Corn, "Pommes Rissolees"
Verdict: I didn't try but J said it was good.
Note: A supplement of $25.00 for this.
My Main
Pan Roasted Challans Duck Breast
Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower Puree, Speck-Onion Glaze
Verdict: Not bad. Don't quite like the cauliflower puree.
You must be thinking - Any supplement for this? Well, None! ^^
J's Dessert
Sorrel, Juniper
Verdict: J said it's not bad. The white wafer like stuff is made of milk.
Tarte Tatin
Hazelnut and Aged Sherry Liqueur
Verdict: I like this. There's a total of 5 thin layers of apple. Crispy at the bottom, warm and just nice without being overwhelming.
We ended off with coffee and tea. J had his black coffee as usual and for me, a tea. I'm just not a coffee lover.
Jasmine Pearl Scented Green Tea - 11 Layers
Premium grade with hints of soft vanilla notes and a flowery background. Delicate and pure.
Verdict: Indeed, it's nice with a slight scent. Don't ask me about the 11 layers. No idea.
I was taken aback that they are so detailed.
Just look! Heart shaped sugar!
Nice but not my cup of tea.
Call me a non-romantic but hey! Sugar regardless of shape, ends up the same place at the end of the day - The Toilet. I'm sorry I'm a spoiler now. Ha! Let's carry on...
This is on complimentary. It comes with the coffee and/or tea I guess. We didn't ask.
They were presented, we ate and be merry! ^^
Despite having a $100 voucher on hand, I ended up paying close to $280.00 for the meal. Oh well, it's not everyday that I get to spend so much on a meal. It's an experience and when people talk about Les Amis the next time round, I know it's not worth a 2nd visit. I'm better off with Au Petit Salut.
Dreamy C

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