Wednesday 24 October 2012

LUSH...Many Fond Memories

It must have been years ago when I first knew about them. They're having a comeback here in Singapore. I'm not sure what caused the disappearance back then. Perhaps you can google if you're interested.

Anyway! I made a trip down to LUSH after reading an entry from My Women Stuff. Sure, I've heard about them before and I've purchased stuff from them before but I never venture more than soaps. I've tried Bohemian and Porridge, both very lovely shower soaps. Bohemian has a lemony smell which I like for shower as it's citrus and fresh. Porridge feels creamy so it's also nice for shower. Besides, it has little bits. It reminds me of Pulau Hitam. Ha ha... The bits I meant. I told myself that I'm only going to get a shampoo in the form of a soap and I ended up with some scrub, mask, cleanser cum exfoliator, shampoo and foot mask. If you're a guy, trust me. This is very normal for any women out there.

I'm going to blog about them individually. I'm referring to the stuff I bought from LUSH. Today will be a day on the cleanser cum exfoliator.

This retails for less than $29.50 for 230g.
The Inside
I've just found out that like M.A.C., LUSH is into recycling. Like the container for Angels on Bare Skin, bring 5 x empty containers back to LUSH in exchange for a tub of mask. Sounds great!
It's true when they say you only need a pea sized piece to work. I believe this should last me for many months. I like that it's kept in a tub and it's dry. If you want, you can always transfer some into a smaller container when you are travelling. When in contact with some water, it creams up and when you rub it on your face, it acts as an exfoliator as there's bits inside.
My face felt like there's a layer of film on it after washing the cleanser off. It felt slippery and it is something I've to get used to. After wiping my face dry, it felt soft and clean without any tight feeling. To me, a cleanser is a cleanser. So long as it doesn't dry me out and it cleans my face, I'm fine.
I say give LUSH a try! It's handmade, freshly produced. Having said that, I've to finish this tub before venturing to other type of cleansers. I don't want it to get spoilt though I'm not sure if it ever will.
Dreamy C

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