Tuesday, 2 October 2012

M.A.C. Haul in September 2012

I went for eyebrow trimming on Saturday for $15.00 at M.A.C. Raffles MRT outlet, if I'm not wrong, it's called Raffles Exchange.

Eye Applicators @ $19.00
Obviously, I don't use these to apply stuff to my eye. I'm going to use it on the new paint pot which I bought.
Concealer @ $30.00
Yes I know I've one from DiorSkin. I do like how it looks after application on my eye bags. Well, I can always alternate between the both of them. I'm an NW30 by the way.
Blot Powder @ $40.00
This is a loose powder in pressed form. I'm a Medium. I read from a blogger - Bun Bun that this is good for people with oily complexion. She's got oily complexion like yours truly. The current one which I got from Lancome does nothing special so I thought I might give this a try. ^^
Left - Japanese Maple @ $29.00
Right - Pure Zen @ $32.00
Left - Japanese Maple
Right - Pure Zen
Japanese Maple I got this to neutralize my lips. You see, my lips are slightly pigmented and whenever I apply lipstick, it usually is slightly darker than what the colour on the lipstick is. Hence, Japanese Maple to neutralize so the next lip colour I apply on my lips will be more likely to stay true to the original colour.
Pure Zen I got it as I do not have a nude lipstick. This appears to have a tinge of pink in it. I'm not sure how it'll pan out after application on my lips, before and after Japanese Maple. Let's wait and see...
Blush @ $39.00
I've blush of earth, brownish tones, one of a peachy colour. I've none in pink and so, I got this called Stay Pretty. It has a light pink in it. There's a darker one but I don't wish to look like someone doing wayang. Hence, I didn't take that. Here's the swatch...
See not? A very light, icy pink
Paint Pot @ $34.00
This is Bare Study. What is a paint pot exactly? It's like a primer and it comes in different colours. Sadly, M.A.C. in Raffles don't have colours other than earth, neutral and gold. I'm not sure if this applies to ALL M.A.C. stores in Singapore or just the outlet in Raffles.
I'm currently using eye primer from Urban Decay. Yes, the famous UDPP. I like how it stopped my oil from surfacing even after 8 long hours but somehow, I can't get my eye shadow colour to show. I've read reviews on the paint pots from M.A.C. and thought I should give it a try. This is a neutral colour with some frost in it and so, it goes well with any colour of eye shadow.
There you go!
Dreamy C

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