Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year's Day

Happy New Year Y'all!!! I didn't stay up on the Eve, trying to catch the moment when the clock strikes 12a.m. Since I didn't party myself silly, I managed to get up early this morning say 7 plus in the morning. The husband & I went for a walk from Hort Park to Henderson Waves this morning. It was a pleasant walk with an overcast (meaning the sun don't shine hard on us) and nice breeze.

From Hort Park to Henderson Waves, we took 1 hour and 20 minutes to and fro. On the way back from Henderson Waves to Hort Park, we stopped at Alkaff Mansion for a good 5 minutes or more. Why? There's a buffet going on... It's reasonably priced and it sure looks tempting after a long walk. We didn't give in eventually. We decided to follow through our plan to have a meal at Vivocity. I'm glad we didn't give in. I'll tell you why later.

The next time round, I want to walk the entire area i.e. from Kent Ridge to the Marang Trail. I've no idea on the distance but it sure is a long, long walk.

After our walk, we head down to Vivocity and we decided to check out this bread shop which sells lovely Croissant and Pain Au Chocolat. Name of the shop? Artisan Boulangerie Co. I've tried bread from Paul, Baker & Cook, Maison Kayser etc. but they are all not good. Paul is expensive and not good at all. Baker & Cook is expensive and better than Paul. Maison Kayser? Taste good if you eat there, their croissant but pack them home and they lack the oomph factor.

Artisan Boulangerie Co. (ABC), we went in, we paid, we set down and we ate. The husband had Long Black with his croissant and I had Earl Grey tea (Gryphon) with my Pain Au Chocolat. Lovely, lovely, lovely! We are so, so happy we finally found a shop selling good bread! We were so happy, we bought 7 croissant, 4 Pain Au Chocolat and a Baguette. They are meant for the kids and for my cousin. I'm sure she'll like them. Her family's into bread. The husband & I are very sure we will visit again for more bread. Such lovely bread! The husband was all praise with their croissant and my Pain Au Chocolat was really crispy and nice. Just seeing the layers of the pastry makes me oh-so-happy already. ^^

We had our lunch at Poulet, our first time. Both of us had escargot as our starter. His main is the Salad of Paris and my main is the French Onion Soup. Would we go back there again? Highly no. We're not impressed with our food. I might give them another chance and try their 'famous' roast chicken and perhaps their Oxtail de Bourginion. Poulet doesn't serve wine which is a minus. They don't serve sparkling water either, another minus. They charge for their warm water, another minus. Believe me, you WILL be charged for water. There's no 'free' water in Poulet. There's no bread served with their salad or escargot. You got to pay for them and it's 2 bucks for 5 thin slices of baguette. Seriously, I would rather pay for the bread from ABC which is a short walk away from Poulet. The taste of their escargots? I've tasted better ones from Au Petit Salut before they change their chef. Poulet's escargot doesn't have sufficient garlic, herb and olive oil. Salad of Paris is not bad and my French Onion Soup is a letdown. The French Onion Soup taste better from Bistro Du Vin. The flavor is richer. Also, it's so common to have that cheese-like bread on the soup. Even Brotzeit has it. The one from Poulet is pathetic in portion and it comes with 3 pathetic looking baguette cubes. No cheese. Disappointment. The couple next to us had Oxtail de Bourginion and Roast Chicken. The chicken looks tender but both did not comment on the food at all. When I taste food, good or bad, I comment about it immediately. That's how most Singaporeans are. This couple is definitely a local but they were expressionless! It could be that they are not the type to comment on food or it could be that there's nothing to comment about the food! Like I said, I'm going to give this restaurant another chance. Watch out for my entry!

After lunch, we head down to my cousin to drop off the bread and also to pass the bread to his kids. Thereafter, it's back home for a nap for the husband and me? Working on a laptop, blogging away...

Simple and peaceful New Year's Day for me.

I hope you had a blast whatever you're doing today.

Note: No photos as I've no gadgets with me. ^^

Dreamy C

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