Sunday 19 January 2014

Lunch @ Artisan Boulangerie Co

On 15th January 2014, J and I went to Artisan Boulangerie Company for lunch. Yes, the croissants there were so good during our 1st visit were so good, we decided to make another trip there on a weekday for lunch. I tried to look for a blog entry on it from my blog. I was sure I had blogged about it. Then I realized that I didn't! *in shock* I only took a photo of the bread and wrote about it for Project Life. Aha! See... this is what happens when you try to juggle many things at a time. It got me confused!

J had 2 x plain croissants, 1 x tuna foccacia, 1/2 x Chicken & Mushroom Pie and 1 x Long Black (coffee). I had 1/2 x Chicken & Mushroom Pie, 1 x Pain Au Chocolat and Earl Grey (tea). He's a coffee lover (simply CANNOT do without it) and I'm a tea lover! Anyway, here are the pictures...

It turns out that there are black olives in the Tuna Foccacia!
What a surprise!

Look at those layers! 

The inside...

The inside of the Chicken & Mushroom Pie.
Taste good...

That's it for my 15th January 2014!
I had wanted to blog about it but time wasn't on my side...
Besides, my schedule was beyond crazy with Chinese New Year drawing near and deadlines to meet.

Bon Sunday!

Dreamy C

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