Saturday, 4 January 2014

Haul from Popular

I was told by MTH that my last 3 items have reached Singapore and that I could get them today! For the blunders made previously, they have offered to mail me the items via registered mail. I opted for the meet-up instead as the latter would mean that I'll receive them early next week instead.

These are the 3 items left.
I've only 1 pending item with them which is the 60 x pages of Project Life Design A sleeves.
I was told that Project Life items take at least 1 month to reach Singapore. =.= Not impressed!

I was at the meet-up point early and decided to have lunch and perhaps walk around.
Walking around meant spending money as well. ^^
I saw Deco Rush and was disappointed to find that all the Deco Rush a particular shop has are that of Rilakkuma. I was hoping to find some of My Melody, Hello Kitty etc. Even Eeyor is good! I did see a stamp of Eeyor's face from one of the push carts but didn't have the heart to purchase it as it cost 20 bucks!

I went to Artbox but found no Deco Rush. I then went to Popular and was glad to find Deco Rush but none of My Melody and Hello Kitty. Nonetheless, I bought a couple along with a few more items.

That's my Saturday for you... Hope you have a great one! ^^

Video HERE.

Dreamy C

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