Sunday, 5 May 2013

D.O.M.V.S. @ Sheraton Towers Hotel

J's an April baby and he had the opportunity to have a free meal at DOMVS @ Sheraton Towers.
I had the honor of enjoying this free meal with him since he can bring a partner along. ^^

What's food w/o wine?
This was not included in the menu by the way.
Pretty good wine I must say.

As usual, bread and crackers to start with.
Bread ain't bad but I prefer the ones from Cova @ Paragon - which was closed down not too long ago.


Another Starter
This was good. 
J who dislike mushroom like this dish which has mushroom in it!

Our Main
Not too bad.
The best beef I've had is again, from Cova. *sigh*

J's Dessert - Panna Cotta

My Dessert
Please note that both desserts were not in the menu.
We didn't like what was offered in the menu.

Look at that...
It's heavenly.
If you like chocolate, you'd love this.

In conclusion, I'm surprised to find a restaurant which is pretty good at a hotel like Sheraton Towers.
Don't get me wrong but there isn't much hype when it comes to DOMVS.
Will I go again if I've the opportunity? You bet!

Dreamy C

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