Sunday, 19 May 2013

A Memorable Sunday

Memorable not because I've candies, not because I've new clothes, not because we went to catch a movie but because I'm now a member of my church! I've waited for at least 2 years for this!

Moved? Yes.
Touched? Yes.
Happy? You bet!

Today marks the 1st day I had my holy communion and I treasure such experience. I hope to always be and remember to be thankful whenever I have holy communion. I was so happy and thankful, I shed a few tears when I did my prayer back on my seat. Emotional with a good cause.

I'm very happy and God is good to me and my loved ones.

  1. J managed to get a parking space in our church. Mind you, it's tough getting a space on normal days. Furthermore, today's confirmation day and it's crowded! God works in ways one cannot understand sometimes. J managed to get a parking space just before the exit barrier!
  2. We got a parking space in Takashimaya (parallel parking) and the space is tight. When we were done with our shopping, we were greeted with a pleasant sight. J can maneuver the car out effortlessly as 1 car right in front of him has long gone and the owner of the car in front of that car is in the lift with us and so, when we got into our car, he drove off. This allow J to get out without adjustment of his car!
  3. Something good happened to my Mom for the 2nd time!
If you are struggling right now with Baptism or Confirmation, please know that you aren't the one 1. Be patient and persevere. You WILL get it!!!

Dreamy C

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