Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Taiwan Itinerary 2015 - Day 9

Departing from Cingjing today! If you ever want to leave Cingjing for Taipei or Taichung etc., I suggest you check out OK Bus. Convenient. We reached Taipei in about 5 hours! They stop mid-way at Puli Brewery where you can get some nice Fresh Milk Bubble Tea and it's also where The Dowager had a great time lancing lancing!

Don't say I neber share. Enjoy! Ha ha...

Another of Bo Bi before I leave!

OK Bus dropped us at Taipei Main Station. From there, we took the Metro to Ximen and checked in to Westgate! It's a really nice hotel. It even has a Bidget a.k.a. Japanese toilet! Scroll all the way down for a video on the room. I believe ours was the Grand Suite. I booked it really late you see...
Went to Mitsui Cuisine near Zhongxiao Dunhua Station for a nice dinner!

The Omakase Sets if you're interested.
I ordered the most expensive for The Dowager and the cheapest for me.







Aiya... don't remember ler lah...

Definitely hers. She love this! Steamed, so fresh and sweet!

Overall, money well spent. If you're going, remember to make reservations and remember to request to sit where the chefs are... We were in for a treat when we sat there! Crab Roe!!!

Video on Grand Suite in Westgate Hotel in Ximen

Dreamy C

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