Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Taiwan Itinerary 2015 - Day 7

Day 7 didn't begin as planned. In fact, the disappointment started setting in on Day 6.
Our plan was to start at 8:30 AM and hike Hehuanshan while driving to Cingjing.
An event - Taroko Marathon destroyed our plan.
Our driver can only pick us up at 11:30 AM for food before driving to Taroko Gorge.
To go to Cingjing, one has to drive through Taroko Gorge and due to the marathon, it only open at 2 PM for cars to drive through. Bummer!
Every cloud has a silver lining. Something DID turned out well which is a good lunch!

THE best Lu Rou Fan I've eaten so far...

Mom's Noodles which she said has a nice broth.

Mommy's favourite - Saba Fish

So fresh, we had 2nds...

Didn't like their California Rolls though...

See! Our 2nds!

Go check this place out for lunch! Tian Cun Ri Ben Liao Li (田村日本料理)

Zha Dan Cong You Bing

This Bubble Tea taste really good...
Order it as fresh milk tea with bubbles.
If you don't order it this way, they will put milk powder instead of fresh milk.

Bilv Divine Tree which is 3000 over years old

The view there
More mountains and clouds photos to come...

I must say I'm going to Taiwan again come December 2016.
I'm going mainly for Hehuanshan. It is THAT good and I really Bu Gan Xin not getting the opportunity to hike parts of it!

I stayed at Starry Minsu in Cingjing and this is the female dog there named Bo Bi.
Love Huskies! Starry Minsu is the highest minsu on Cingjing. I chose it 'cos of the view.

Steamboat dinner
A word of advice if you're staying at Starry Minsu - Please tell them you want herbal soup on the 1st day. The soup base we had on the 1st day was Sour Vegetable which we dislike. On the 2nd day, it's herbal soup and that taste much better... We did bought some ingredients from 7-11 for our Steamboat on the 2nd day. Just pass it to the staff and they will cut it open for you...

Nougat I bought when I was in Hualien

Along with some Mochi

Both are long gone here in Singapore.
I miss their Mochi... especially the fresh ones!

Dreamy C

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