Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Taiwan Itinerary 2015 - Day 8

Day 8 is all about meh~meh~

But first, the view from my room

Lovely flowers everywhere!

Breakfast was good! From the Minsu. I love their grapes. Very sweet... 

Another with Bo Bi!

There! Meh~meh~

I climbed 487 steps
downhill... *laffs*

Lunch was at Carton King where everywhere is made of carton!

Except for the fan I believe...

The meals were so-so. Once for experience is enough I say!
Go after 2 PM for more options.
We were there 12 PM. Limited options. Boo!

Small Swiss Garden
Free entry as Carton King gives free tickets after eating there...

Bought this Onigiri from 7-11

From 7-11 too... Not nice de...

My splurge for Day 8... Crafty stuff

In my humble opinion, if you have children, stay 2 x nights in Cingjing. Else, please only stay 1 x night. If you are staying in the lower region of Cingjing, you'll probably not be bored but Mommy & I stayed in Starry Minsu and it's really bored there as there's no 7-11 nearby etc. It's really peaceful and quiet. Also, my anticipation for seeing the real meh~meh~ died when I was there... Not sure why but somehow, didn't quite like it as much as I was expecting... If I were to do it all over again, I would stay 1 x night in a Minsu in Hehuanshan and 1 x night in Starry Minsu. I heard lots of good reviews on the Minsu in Hehuanshan. That's for the trip next year...

Dreamy C

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