Thursday, 26 November 2015

Taiwan Itinerary 2015 - Day 3

Whoo hoo! Day 3... Where to today?

DTF for Brekky!
We went to the outlet at Dongmen Stn. This is the very 1st outlet. Call it the HQ if you will...

I prefer the one back home

Nice crabby there don't you think?
Apparently, you can eat that crab but I gave it a miss

Both Mommy & I Love this! Pot Stickers!

Flipped it to show you how it looks like on the other side

This is so-so... If you want to give it a miss, no problem at all!

Qian Cheng Gao
Mommy say this was a total flop! Preferred the ones in HK...

Nice dessert which is supposed to be cold but we requested for a warm version

Bought these 2 drinks from either 7-11 or Family Mart. I cannot remember...

Taste artificial

Okie nia...

Heading to...???

Taipei 101!

Damper - This is supposed to prevent the building from swaying too much from strong winds

After Taipei 101, you'll have to bypass a huge selection of coral stuff before finally reaching the lift to exit! Can't see the real Pandas in Zoo? I decided to take a photo of the fake ones instead...

This was the view taken
Weather wasn't good. We were forewarned when purchasing the tickets.
Aiya... make all the way there ler, don't go meh???
A bit disappointed though. Due to weather, we cannot go higher to the observatory.
An excuse to pay another visit! Will I? Probably not... Nothing much anyway...
I heard that you can have as good a view by climbing the Xiangshan Mountain nearby, at Xiangshan Stn. I didn't climb as you would have guessed. Mommy's weak legs...

Dinner was at Formosa Chang for their Lu Rou Fan
This soup was good according The Dowager

Our Lu Rou Fan
Verdict: I find nothing special about it. Later during our trip, I had a better version so stay tuned!

Ended the day with another Bath Balm from LUSH
Much needed...

My splurge for Day 3!
Love the coasters I got from Taipei 101

Dreamy C

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