Sunday, 1 November 2015

Packing for Taiwan

I will be bringing my Carry On Bag only for this 12D11N trip starting today!
My itinerary looks somewhat like this. There might be some changes along the way and I'll blog all about it when I'm back. ^^
- 1st, 2nd & 3rd day: Taipei
- 4th day: From Taipei to Hualien
- 5th & 6th day: Taroko Gorge, East Coast etc.
- 7th day: Hehuanshan & Journey to CingJing
- 8th day: Green Green Grassland, Carton King, Small Swiss Garden etc.
- 9th day: From CingJing to Taipei
- 10th day: Yehliu, Jiufen, Jinguashi (maybe) & Keelung
- 11th day: Free & Easy
- 12th day: Make our way back home!

Let me show you how I packed all my clothes, gadgets, wires etc. into 1 Carry On Bag.

This bag will be for containing my goodies from Taiwan!
I intend to buy lots of Guo Dong, Sun Biscuits, Pastries, Jelly, Plums, Instant Noodles etc. ^^
This will be in my Mom's check in luggage. 
I'll also be passing her a packing cube where there's 1 x joggers pants & 2 x sweaters for me.

I'm going to carry this sling bag where I put in a notebook and a raincoat.

I'm going to bring my Osprey Farpoint with me this time and this is how it looks on the outside.
Just some packets of tissue and a scarf.

My skincare which is basically Herbalism, Enzymion, Roots, BIG Shampoo, Dream Cream, a foot cream, Mask of Magniminty, face scrub. They are all from LUSH. =)

A Dirty/Clean Eagle Creek Packing Cube.
This side of the cube, I have 4 x white tops, 4 x bras & 1 x orange top.

This is the other side of the packing cube.
I put in the wires for my mobile and laptop. I also have a set of bikini, around 4 x pairs of socks, 6 x panties, 2 x travel multi-plugs, 2 x sleeping shorts & 2 x sleeping tops.

Taiwan has an increased case of dengue fever and it should never be taken lightly.
Hence, I got 4 x mosquito repellent bands, one in cream form & 2 x packets of patches.

My toiletry bag where I've some cotton buds, handyplasts, hair conditioner, hand cream, lip balm, floss, eye drops, hair clips, toothbrush, toner, solid shampoos from LUSH & body soap from LUSH.

Some bath bombs from LUSH, about 6 of them for Mommy and myself and of course, a bottle of supplement pills for joints for my Mommy.

And this is how it looks like once packed!

The only thing left to pack is my deodorant, powder, comb, laptop, thumb drive, mouse etc.

Have a great day ahead Peeps!

Dreamy C

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