Monday 9 February 2015

Rang Mahal in Pan Pacific Hotel

We went to Rang Mahal on a Thursday night.
It was our 2nd visit.

The 1st thing you see - Ganesha

Side View

Walking pathway's dark but I assure you, it's brighter inside.

Some dips for Papadum and another type of thin biscuit which I've no idea on its name.
I love the middle dip. Taste of mint.
The dip on top tasted like mango chutney.
The one at the bottom is achar.

This was served shortly after the papadum.
It's on complimentary just like the papadum.
I don't remember the item on the plate but that drink tasted really good.
It has mint in it and lemon and it tasted salty.

Lemon Sobert
This is the 2nd complimentary item served for the day.
Pleasantly nice...

I had a glass of single Campari.

J's Starter - Gobhi & Truffle Soup
Gobhi & Truffle Soup is cauliflower florets with fragrance of truffle.
He says it's nice.

Both the customer and my Starter - Tandoori Portobello
Tandoori Portobello is tandoor-grilled portobello mushrooms with spices.
Do not be fooled, thinking that 1 portion is small. 
1 portion actually has 4 x pcs of such portobello mushrooms.

Lovely designs up on the ceiling. Can't help taking a photo of it.
Reminds me of the design on the floor at the front door during Diwali. ^^

Garlic Naan
We can hardly notice any garlic in it. J voiced out and we were given another set of fresh Garlic Naan. This time round, it was packed with Garlic and that smell and taste is much better.
Was told that they appreciate feedback and will keep it this way going forward. Great!

J's Dish to go along with his Naan - Rang Mahal Murgh Makhni
Rang Mahal Murgh Makhni is tandoor-roasted boneless spring chicken bites simmered in
homemade honey tomato gravy.
J said this was nice. He likes it. 
I had a taste and I must say it's good but I would prefer it with a touch of spiciness.

Customer's Dish to go along with his Phulkas - Lasuni Palak Paneer
Lasuni Palak Paneer is wholesome cottage cheese cooked in fresh spinach mash 
with garlic and green chillies.
The customer said this is nice.
Phulkas is a pair of fresh "ballooned" wheat bread prepared live at the station.
No photo of Phulkas. I guess you'll have to google it to see it. My bad...

My Dish to go along with my Garlic Naan - Raarha Gosht
Raarha Gosht is lamb chunks in a fiery hand-pounded spiced robust gravy.
This was nice but too spicy for me and the portion's too big for 1. For 2, it is just fine...

The customer & I share another dish - Home Smoked Bharta
Home Smoked Bharta is clove-smoked mashed aubergine, tossed with ginger and smoked tomato.
Both the customer & I think that this tasted good!

Dessert Time!!!

Cinnamon Panna Cotta - simmering concoction of cream, 
milk, sugar and hint of cinnamon set to cool
This was J's choice of dessert.
He took that wafer stick out before I could snap a photo and when I told him I haven't snapped a photo yet, he put the wafer stick back. I have a feeling the stick wasn't presented poked into the panna cotta. I have a feeling this was J's doing. I believe the stick was left lying on top of the panna cotta just like how it lies in the dessert below.

Anjeer Kulfi is an indian ice-cream made with fresh nutritious figs
This was the customer's choice.

Signature Dessert Sampler which is a combination of 
Rasmalai, Kesari Jalebi & Espresso Kulfi (left to right) 
Rasmalai is cardamom flavoured cottage cheese dumplings in sweetened milk 
topped with pistachio & almonds.
Kesari Jalebi is sweetened crispy gram flour rings served with wholesome reduced milk.
Espresso Kulfi is homemade milk frosty with espresso.
Among the 3, my favourite has got to be Kesari Jalebi. It's no doubt sweet but because it's crispy, the taste is so good... I'm not a coffee person so I wouldn't be able to appreciate the Espresso Kulfi but both the customer and J tasted it and said it's good.
After taking cottage cheese for the 1st time, I don't fancy it. I guess if it's not soaked in sweetened milk, I might like it.

Other than the above items, J had a glass of double Campari, 3 x bottles of sparkling water 
and also a glass of White Wine.
Total damage is slightly more than SGD460.00.

The atmosphere makes it a good place for business meals or for special gatherings such as birthday celebrations. It's also a good place to bring your Indian friends or acquaintances to.
I might consider bringing Mommy here if she ever wants to try Indian cuisine. ^^

Well, I do hope you enjoy this post and until next time... Chill!

Dreamy C

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