Monday, 16 February 2015

Meals for Week 7

Week 7 already! Time really flies...

09th Feb, Monday

Breakfast - Berry Chia Smoothie
It consists of mixed berries, chia seeds, water and pomegranate juice
Tasted sour and light. With the absence of almond milk or greek yogurt, I thought this will not last me till lunch time. Hence, I consumed a packet of noodles with 1 x hash brown and 1 x fish fillet.

Lunch was Quinoa, Smoked Paprika Salmon & Baked Capsicums and Onions

As I've BSF class on Monday, dinner will be out.
I had my all-time favourite - Chicken Rice (Drumstick & Back Part) along with some Beansprouts.
It's a big portion for 1 but I usually take it this way. I'm a glutton. >.<
I did however, notice that I got really thirsty after 2 - 3 hours. It has got to be the MSG.
I shall keep this at bay...

10th Feb, Tuesday

Breakfast - Raspberry Chia Smoothie
It consists of raspberries, banana, greek yogurt, chia seeds, apple juice & vanilla extract.
This tasted much better than the smoothie on Monday. Besides, the color also looks much better...

Lunch - Soba with Tofu & Zucchini
Nice, light and refreshing!

Dinner at Comnam. Read HERE.

11th Feb, Wednesday

Breakfast was 2 slices of toast with Peanut Butter from 2nd Helpings, 
along with a glass of orange juice.

Lunch was the same as the one on 09th Feb, Monday.
Yes, I can consume the same type of food a few times in a week and never get tired of it.
I am starting to look forward to my solo steamboat come 18th Feb! ^^

Dinner which is Porridge, Broccoli with Garlic & Steam Pomfret
This is my favorite simple meal. ^^

12th Feb, Thursday

Breakfast this morning is the same as the one on 10th Feb, Tuesday.

Lunch was Quinoa with Capsicums, Onions & Balsamic Chicken

Dinner was Rice with Honey & Ginger Chicken and Fried Egg.
I wonder why I do not have a photo snapped.
Oh... I was busy talking to my helper. Ha ha...

13th Feb, Friday

Breakfast was Vegetarian Bee Hoon.
Lunch will be the same as the one on 10th Feb, Tuesday.
Dinner was Rice with Braised Chicken & 2 x Hard Boil Egg.

14th Feb, Saturday

I had this (Rice with Vegetarian Curry Veggie) for lunch

15th Feb, Sunday

I had Rice with 01 x Steam Cod & Diced Zucchini & Diced Carrot for dinner
The other Cod Fish is for J. He Loves Cod Fish! ^^
I must say they are expensive fish to begin with but with the CNY lurking around the corner, they have turned EVEN MORE expensive. Oh well...

Wishing you a fantastic Monday!

Dreamy C

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