Monday 9 February 2015

Buffet Town @ Raffles City

Whoo hoo!!! I went to Buffet Town for dinner along with Mom and Bro.
This is an early celebration of our Reunion Dinner.
The mother complained that food aren't as fresh when we have our reunion dinner on the Eve.
Photo below...

Frankly speaking, I was there for a BUFFET.
The main purpose is to eat. Ha ha... Hence, hardly any photos. My apologies.
Overall, the satay were nice.
Brinjal tempura not bad.
Sashimi (Salmon, Tuna & Octopus) were fresh. Remember to ask for Salmon Belly. ^^
Oysters and Mussels were nice.
Bro says the Carbonara Spaghetti was nice. If you order this, ask for more bacon.

Other than that, the rest were so-so.
I paid SGD41.80++ per person. I believe the whole bill for 3 comes up almost SGD150.00.
It's a good experience. Overall, it's the company that counts, not so much on the food.
It was my first visit and I doubt I'll visit it in the near term.

Well, I hope you have a great Monday!
I'm happy to say that I've a space in BSF this year! We will be touching on Moses. ^^

Dreamy C

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