Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Movie - The Boy Next Door

J & I caught a movie on Sunday - The Boy Next Door.
It's a R21 movie, produced by Jennifer Lopez and there's just 1 sex scene. I am disappointed! Ha ha...
Before heading for the movie, we went for lunch at Dome!

Calamari to share
Not bad... I've never had calamari which went wrong. >.<

Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce
The worst marinara sauce I've ever tasted!
Really disappointed. To be honest, this is THE ONLY food which interests me in the entire menu.

J had some kind of Beef Sandwich and he liked it!
He said it's better than the beef steak in Maison Kayser.
Well, probably it's 'cos this beef from Dome is Wagyu.
I didn't take a photo of his food as he wolf it down real fast.

Now back to the movie. It's an alright movie.
It tells of a boy (Noah) who fell in love with Jennifer Lopez whom I believe is Claire in the movie.
Claire realized that it's a mistake but Noah didn't think so.
It turned into an obsession and we have a Noah who can't keep his aggressiveness down.
Claire's sister died while helping her and Claire got back to her husband. They were separated as the husband cheated on her.

So there you go! Jennifer Lopez still look pretty and her figure - whoa! Darn good... Ha ha...

Have a great Wednesday peeps!

Dreamy C

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